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How accurate is the Alcohawk compared to what police use?

by Barbara 31. May 2008 07:53

Question about the product: Q3 Innovations AlcoHawk Slim Series
Product Code: : Q3I-2500

Q:"How accurate is this product compared to what a police officer would use?"-Francine.

Answer: Every alcohol detector has a margin of error. The AlcoHAWK Slim is accurate to +/- .01 at the point of calibration. Each unit is checked prior to shipping and must meet this standard.

In terms of our entire AlcoHAWK line, it's safe to say that the greater the price, the greater the accuracy and specificity. Our AlcoHawk line of breathalyzers are alcohol screeners. A screener is a unit that can screen individuals for the presence of alcohol. For the most part, police officers in the field use screeners to test drivers. In fact, several law enforcement officials are now using the AlcoHAWK as their preliminary screening device because the semiconductor technology is more affordable than fuel cell technology. Some police officers still use evidential units in the field that utilize fuel cell technology that are accurate to +/- .005 at the point of calibration and can print these results.

Thanks for your question.


Using Washing Machine FloodStop with Rear Mounted Water Valves

by Barbara 21. May 2008 12:11

Question about the product: Washing Machine FloodStop FS3/4H-90.

Q:"Please tell me how many inches it is from the valve connector to the inside 90 of the device. Please send diagram with measurements if possible. Our valves are located in the back of the box and I have concerns if the valves will protrude past the front cover, plus I want to install water arrestors. Thanks, Jim."

Answer: We checked with the manufacturer's rep as this was beyond our expertise. Bob's response: "I have no diagram available for him, but understand his question.

The distance from the inlet end of the valve where the spinning female threaded collar is to the inside edge of the 90 degree downward outlet end of the valve is 2 9/16 inches (slightly over 2.5 inches). The FloodStop 3/4-H90 was specifically designed for wall box type installations. Numerous wall boxes were evaluated to determine the valve design so it would fit all brands. I cannot remember when someone returned a FloodStop 3/4-H90 because the outlet end of the FS valves did not protrude past the front cover of the wall box. Typically installing water arrestors increases the extension of the FS valves out from the hot and cold water hose-bibs."

FYI: The FloodStop is a dual valved water damage control device that turns off water to a washer machine when the water sensor (placed usually under the machine) senses moisture. The newest model utilizes AC power with a battery backup and has twin ball valves that shut off the water.

Thanks for your question.


Construction of Snoozer Buddy Bicycle Basket

by Barbara 21. May 2008 08:34

Question about the product Product Code: =OD-85002 Snoozer Buddy Bicycle Basket - Pink

Q: "The description does not mention a metal frame. Can you please confirm if there is or is not a metal frame? I don't see how I can tow my 9 lb. dog in this is there is no metal frame."

Answer: Thank you for your question. We've now added this information to the product description! The dog bike basket has a metal frame around the top for structure and also has a hard bottom. The basket is constructed with a metal support to keep the basket from touching the front tire. We've had no reports about problems with this bike pet carrier unit which is a popular selling unit. 9 pounds is well within the limit of 14 lbs for pet weight. My guess is your dog will enjoy your cycling as much as you do!

If you have more questions, please contact us.



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Keeping Feral Cats Out of Window Boxes and Yards

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:57

Question about products to keep feral cats out of my yard and flower window boxes.

Q:"I live in Washington D. C. where feral cats are not only protected but indulged by my neighbor who is viewed as a hero for feeding them. Not only does he feed them at his house but he trespasses on other properties to leave food. The rats are attracted to the food, too. I've even seen the cats and rats playing together! I've complained to the city but no one will take action. What choices do I have to keep the cats out of my yard? The amount of feces left by them is incredible. I have a 7 foot wooden fence around my back yard and thought about bird spikes because I think the cats would back off if they felt the spikes. I have dogs that go out into the yard and a cat who is always inside.

Answer: Upon some research, I learned that bird spikes make an excellent barrier for climbing animals such as cats, raccoons and even snakes. The spikes would have to be put on top and on your side of the fence however unless your property line is beyond the fence line.

I have a supplier for wide stainless steel spikes and am working on another supplier who has actual animal barrier spikes. This is not an inexpensive choice but you shared that you are willing to spend quite a bit to eliminate this problem.

My customer service staff reports that the bird gel is another deterrent you might use on the top of your fence or as a second line of defense around your plant boxes.

The Cat Stop and the Water Scarecrow are both effective in getting rid of pest animals. The CatStop frequencies are inaudible to humans and dogs. The WaterScarecrow would shower the cats with just enough water to have them remember to leave your home alone.

You may also consider trapping the cats and taking them to your local animal shelter.The Havahart Stray Cat Rescue Cage Trap Kit has become a popular product this past year. The local shelter decides if the cat is feral or not and then either destroys the cat or puts it up for adoption after spaying or neutering.

Please report back on your results.


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What is the case made from on a 30 Page DataBank Watch?

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:49

Question about the Casio 30 Page DataBank Watch ?

Q: "Is the watch case metal or plastic? And what is the 30 page data bank used for?"

Answer: The case is metal. The 30 page databank is used to store phone numbers, etc. the other features are a 10-year battery, 50M water resistant, Analog-Digital combination, World Time (29 Cities), LED light, 1/100 Sec. Stopwatch, Countdown timer, 3 Daily Alarms / 1 Snooze Alarm, Hourly Time Signal, Auto Calendar and both
12/24 Hour Formats.

If you have other questions, please contact us.




What Size Rest-Guard Waterproof Mattress Cover Fits a 105 cm x 200 cm Mattress?

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:40

Question about Rest-Guard mattress covers.

Hello, I am interested in this kind of products. My bed is 105 cm by 200 cm. Do you offer any solution for this size? And to what price?"

Answer: To answer your question, I first went to a website and converted the centimeters to inches. Your bed is 41.3 inches wide by 78.7 inches long. An twin extra long mattress is 38 Inches by 80 Inches by 12 Inches. If your mattress is not over 14 inches thick, this cover would fit. The waterproof protection would not cover the entire width of the mattress (short by 3.3 inches total or just over 1.5 inches on a side. The skirt on this bed stretches to fit over mattresses of various sizes so the cover would fit just fine.

To see the current price, please click through on the blue "twin extra long".

Thanks for your question. And for other customers in similar situations, please convert the centimeters to inches and then choose the size closest to the converted size in inches. If you have questions, please contact us prior to purchase.


Using A Tattle Tale Alarm for a Peeing Cat

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:30

Question about the Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarm.

Q:"I am trying to keep a cat from walking to the edge of a rug and peeing on the hard floor. The pee is soaking into the rug. Is this product sensitive enough to feel the vibration of a cat walking on a rug?" - Jean

Answer: "The Tattletale device is activated only by vibration. The cat walking on a carpet is unlikely to set off the alarm as the carpet is tightly stretched and won't move much and the cat is not very heavy.

We suggest you purchase a Scat Mat. These are plastic mats with thin wires embedded in the plastic. When powered by a 9 volt battery or AC power, the mat develops a static charge. You can choose a low, medium or high level of static. When an animal walks on it, there is a "shock" from the static charge like when you get a shock from walking across a carpet with nylons and then touch a wall or a person.

My suggestion is to purchase one of the large scat mats and up to 2 large extension mats to increase the length of the scat mat coverage. Each large mat is 48 inches to adding two more mats increases the protected distance to 12 feet. If you are concerned about the cat jumping over the 20 inch width, you can place the mats side by side to protect 60 to 66 inches in width and 48 inches in width.

Another suggestion, more urgent, is to have the cat checked by a veterinarian. My cat owning friends tell me it is rare for a cat to pee anywhere but in a litter box unless the cat has a urinary tract infection, has not been neutered, has a dirty litter box or has no access to the litter box. My friend's daughter was keeping his neutered male Siamese for him along with her two cats. After two months' time, she complained about the cat pooping in her baby's room. When he stopped to pick up his cat, he saw litter boxes that were very dirty. He recently bought an automatic kitty litter box and is very pleased with the reduction in odor and in box cleaning.

Good luck. Let us know what yours results were.


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What Will Keep Rabbits Out of My Garden?

by Barbara 19. May 2008 07:46

Question about the Animal Away Pro.

Q:"Rabbits are eating up my garden. Will an Animal Away Pro keep them out? My garden is about 16 feet by 16 feet."

Answer: Our experience at Safe Home Products is that several animal deterrents used at the same time work best. The first line of defense is generally a fence. Usually what is recommended is a 2 foot high fence of chicken wire that is buried in the ground or very tight to the ground. Green vinyl coated is hardly noticable and more easily used than uncoated chicken wire. This option you rejected.

For a single option, the best choice is using Rabbit Scram. Your choices are either to use the Rabbit Scram (2.5 lb shaker) as a protective perimeter strip or spread it around your plants. Rabbit Scream is a granular, all natural organic rabbit repellent that is not offensive to people and is biodegradable and environmentally. Consistently apply every 30-45 days. One 2.5 lb. shaker protects up to 1,350 square feet.

You mentioned your grass is usually no higher than 3 inches and we figured a rabbit was probably six inches high. So you could mount an Animal Pro at the 5 to 6 inch level each side of your garden as a secondary line of defense.

Thanks again for your question. Hope we helped keep your garden growing.



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Using Knotted Bird Netting to Cover a Pen

by Barbara 19. May 2008 06:47

Question about the product Bird Net Knotted, Polyethylene 25 ft by 25 ft.

Q:"Can this bird netting be used for as game bird netting for bird cages? I'm looking for poultry netting to cover a pen that is 15 feet by 25 feet." Thanks. McKey

Answer: This knotted bird netting has 3/4 inch square openings and is quite flexible. Easily wrap this garden netting around a pen or bird cage. Cut the bird net be cut to fit. Depending upon the pen structure, use one of these methods to attach the bird net. These are usually used to keep birds out rather than in.

1. Wire and polyclips: Often used on concrete, brick or steel structures. Polyclips easily fold over wire and snap together through bird netting spacing 1 – 3 feet apart depending on the application. Polyclips come in a case of 250.
2. Epoxy caulk: Purchase at hardware stores. Use on concrete,brick and steel. Or purchase special adhesive from Ssfe Home Products.
3. Plastic banding and stapling. For wood structures, staple to a solid wood surface through the plastic banding that is woven into the netting every 4 to 5 strands.
4. Wood lath strips: On wooden structures, use nails and wood lathe strips.

Thank you for your question. Good luck with your birds.


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Concern about Cats Getting Caught in Fitted Waterproof Mattress Covers

by Barbara 15. May 2008 10:22

Question about the Rest-Guard Queen Waterproof Allergy Mattress Cover .

Q:"Your pad sounds like just what I need, but what is the "skirt" for? I have 13 cats and they would love to wiggle under something enticing like a skirt hanging down. Two of the cats were injured and are incontinent which is one reason I need a mattress cover. What is the purpose of the skirt? I bought a bed with drawers underneath it so that they could not get under the bed. Is there such a thing as a good quality cover like yours minus the skirt? Thank you, Ellen."

Answer: The skirt is the stretchable fabric that goes down the sides of the mattress and partially underneath like a fitted bottom sheet does. There is elastic around the fabric to keep the mattress cover taut on the bed. Once you have the bottom sheet on your bed, the cats should have no access whatsoever to the cover or the fitted part, the skirt. Without the side skirt, the cover would not stay in place on the bed. We do sell these with both 15 inch and 20 inch skirts.

I don't know of any other similar cover that is both water repellent and soft and comfortable to sleep on. The other ones are vinyl or that heavy flannel and vinyl that are cold in winter and hot in summer. These covers are cotton bonded to polyurethane and are quiet and don't get either hot or cold.

We do sell a total encasement cover that zippers, the Queen Bed Bed Bug Total Encasement Mattress Cover. . The only drawback for you is that removing and reinstalling that cover would be more difficult for you. I put fitted water proof Rest-Guard mattress covers on all my mattresses at home. My one dog wet the bed a few times when I first got her. Plus I have grandkids who sometimes sleep very deeply and we all know what can happen then. Because the covers are not heavy, they machine wash and machine dry easily.

We appreciate your question and wish you well with your animals.



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