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Squirrel Evictor Strobe Light Product Review

by Barbara 31. August 2009 13:19

Barbara reviews the Squirrel Evictor MB10K and MB100K strobe lights These pest animal control units are mounted in attics or crawl spaces. Home pest control includes these environmentally safe strobe lights that get rid of roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, feral cats and mice. No damage to your building, no poisons, no traps, no repeat visits by exterminators, no decaying animal smells, no harm to the animals.Note: Currently only replacement strobe light bulbs are available due to manufacturer's halt of distribution of products.

How Effective is Bac Zap Urine Neutralizer Deodorizer for Cat Urine?

by Barbara 27. August 2009 09:39

Question about the effectiveness of Bac Zap Urine Neutralizer Deodorizer, a Bio-Active Urine Neutralizer with Enzymes .

Q: "My two cats fought a year ago and sprayed urine on my carpet. I have tried everything I can find but when the AC and heat are off, the odor rises from the carpet and almost gags me. How does BacZap work? Will it work any faster than the other urine neutralizers I've tried? Will it kill the odor better?" Thanks Lorrie, Your Warehouse Manager

Answer:  This product is made by Brulin, who specialize in products for nursing homes, hospitals, veterinarians, kennels, etc. More detailed information on use is arriving in a day or two as this is a new product for Safe Home Products and is not yet on site in Iowa.  This is what information we have received and was also gleaned from the manufacturer's website:

"Tthis ready-to-use liquid formula attacks uric acid odors immediately with a powerful enzyme digestion process. It is bio-active. Use as is or add it to carpet shampoos and cleaners. This is a popular nursing home and hospital product. Attacks Uric Acid Odors Immediately by a Powerful Enzyme/Digestion Process with Zero Environmental Impact .Specially bred enzyme/bacteria cultures attack and break down the uric acid molecules like nothing else before. It does the job by digesting the source, just the way nature does it...but does it in minutes rather than days or weeks, with zero environmental impact. Destroys malodors by eliminating the source. Vanilla herb fragrance."

I, too, have some issues with dog urine odors from my carpet when the humidity rises. I will update this page after I get the additional information.

Thanks for your question, Lorrie.

Sincerely, Barbara


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EPA Registered Cleaners for Non-Porous Hard Surfaces to Kill Influenza A and Swine Flu Viruses

by Barbara 27. August 2009 09:13

Question about killing influenza virus on hard surfaces in day care centers, schools and hospitals.

Q: "I am in charge of maintenance for a school district. We are looking for cleaners that will kill flu virus on hard surfaces.This year the numbers of flu cases are projected to be quite high. What can we used to clean? Will these products also kill Swine Flu?" Thanks. John

Answer: Swine Flu is caused by an influenza A (H1N1) virus. All influenza A viruses ares essentially the same, whether they are swine, avian, or human.  Two of the Brulin products we sell Maxima, and BruClean TbC have label claims against at least one form of influenza A virus. The EPA makes the following comments on identifying products that are registered by EPA to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces that may be contaminated with the swine flu. " EPA believes, based on available scientific information, that the currently registered influenza A virus products will be effective against the 2009-H1N1 flu strain and other influenza A virus strains on hard, non-porous surfaces."

  1. Maxima is a Soft Acid Disinfectant Cleaner that can be used as a disinfectant cleaner, a glass cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, for cleaning chrome and for lime and soap scum control. It is effective against HBV and is Staphyloccidal, Pseudomonacidal, Viruscidal, Fungicidal and Mildewicidal.
  2. Brulin Bru-Clean TBC comes in a 540 tablet bottle. These are effervescent tablets that clean and disinfect. Effective Against a Wide-Range of Micro-Organisms Including TB,C.Diff, and Canine Parvo. Meets the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Use in place of corrosive bleach or harsh phenolic disinfectants. Bru-Clean TbC is effective, yet safer – its active ingredient, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), is used worldwide to purify drinking water. Less Corrosive than Harsh Bleach & Phenolics.Safer Active Ingredient. Use in animal care, day care, isolation wards, medical research, etc. facilities.

Maxima is available in several strengths and sizes. Bru-Clean is currently available only in the large bottle.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Adding Locked Arm Toilet Risers Makes Physician Office and Public Restrooms Handicap & Elderly Friendly

by Barbara 25. August 2009 10:32

Question about the best choice to suggest to physicians' office and local hospital to make restrooms accessible to elderly and/or handicapped.

Q: "Recently I went to a Pittsburgh area hospital for tests to learn if I had a blood clot in my leg. Like most of my 80+ year old friends, I have an overactive bladder untouched by medications. My companion and I got directions to and tried three restrooms before we found one with a raised toilet seat. (My knees are so bad that I simply cannot get up and down from a regular height toilet plus I need the grab bars.)  My physician rents his office space and he claims that is why there are no handicapped height toilets in the restrooms. He's been my doctor for 20 years. But that means I am unable to use the restroom when I have doctor appointments. Which products should you (my daughter) or I suggest? I used to have a portable toilet seat riser. At home, I have a toilet seat riser with arms that attaches to my handicapped height toilet to make it a few inches even higher plus I have a grab bar on the wall. Thanks" Rosalie Lange, age 87, Barbara's mom.

Answer: Mom, I did write an email to the Pittsburgh medical hospital association with whom your physician and hospital are affiliated. I know you've brought up this subject with your physician many times in the past. I understand that the physician's building built must have been built prior to the ADA regulations went into effect. It still seems cruel to me not to be able to use a toilet at a physician's office. Thank you for your question and suggestion for the blog.

Some options that are removable and would help you and others include:

If there are physician's offices, hospitals, etc. interested in more options, please contact me.

Thanks for the questions and comments, Mom.

Love, Barbara


RV Propane Gas Detector Product Review

by Barbara 24. August 2009 22:25

In this video, Barbara reviews the Safe-T-Alert 30 and 40 series Gas Alarms for RV's and Campers. These flush mount, 12V propane detectors are made in the USA and can alert you to propane dangers.


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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Cafeterias and Restaurants Reduce Flu and Cold Risk

by Barbara 24. August 2009 10:30

Question about the Touchless Automatic White Dispenser for 800 to 1000 ml Hand Sanitizer and Epo Clenz Foam Hand Sanitizer Starter Kit.

Q: "Our PTA is interested in buying hand sanitizer dispensers and hand sanitizer for children and adults to use as they enter the school cafeteria. Our hope is to reduce colds and flu among the school population. The sanitizers we are looking at are alcohol based. What are the advantages of foam versus gel? Are there other options?

Answer: The two sanitizers you asked about are high in alcohol. A New York Times article from 2006 focuses on hand sanitizers. The recommendation there was to get all sides of your hands wet with gel or foam, then rub them together until they dry. CDC guidelines for healthcare workers are that, if your hands dry within 10 to 15 seconds, you did not use enough. Studies cited in the NY Times recommend purchasing alcohol based hand sanitizers with 60% to 95% alcohol or running the risk of growing bacteria rather than killing bacteria and viruses.

Soap and water are still the best choice although many restrooms are set up so that you must grab the door handle to leave rather than pushing it open thus contaminating hands. We were impressed on a recent cruise by the wide availability of hand sanitizer dispensers at all restaurants, entrances to the ship, restrooms, etc. Also one pushed out on restroom doors or there was a doorway entrance that meant no door was needed.

Personally, I prefer the foam dispensers although the liquid is as effective and was used on the ship. Children are attracted to foam products and there is less likelihood of dripping. The most economical way to buy the sanitizer is in the 1000 ml bags or about 33.8140225589 ounces.

One other more expensive option is the alcohol free Handclens foamer hand sanitizer that comes in green apple and unscented versions. This sanitizer has benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient.

The products we sell by Medline all have moisturizers or similar additives to keep hands from drying out.

Thank you for your question. We hope you are successful in your efforts especially with the H1N1 flu expected this fall. Most schools are asking children to bring sanitizer to school. The problem is that rarely is it available in school cafeterias in such a way that every child uses it before they eat.

Sincerely, Barbara


Pill Box Organizers and Medication Dispensers for the Visually Impaired

by Barbara 21. August 2009 05:13

Question about the Medready Basic Pill Box with Alarm Model 1700.

Q: "My mom is nearly blind. What pill boxes do you sell that would help her take her medications at the right times? We can set up her pills for her. Thanks." Margaret

Answer: At this time, these three are the best ones available.

The Medready has a loud low frequency alarm. She would only have access to the medications during the time that particular pill container was available to her. The Medready audible alarm settings: 1- 4 per day.  Alarm signal: alternates 5 seconds on, 1 second off . Stops when medication door is opened. Set alarm time interval for 3, 30, 45, 60 or 250 minutes. Alarm will continue to beep for that time interval until the medication door is opened or the alarm time is reached. Alarm intensity: 85 decibel alarm at 10 cm, 400Hz (low frequency alarm)similar to microwave alarm.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


Using Wider Fire-Resistant, Impact Absorbent Edge Cushion and Corner Pads as Work Safety Products

by Barbara 20. August 2009 04:52

Questions about Gray Kids Edge Hearth Guard 54 Inch Pad Sticks and Gray Hearth Guard 7 Inch by 7 Inch Corners and Boing Edge Corner Strips (Pack of 4) -GREY

Q: "I am in charge of maintenance and safety in a factory that makes boxes and other packaging products. There are many sharp edges on railings, assembly lines, etc. We need wider corner and edge cushions due to the size of the edges. Are either of these products suitable? How difficult is it to install?

Answer: Both lines of product are fire-resistant, non-toxic and easily applied with contact cement if you prefer not to use the adhesive tape on the Kids Edge products. Boing recommends only the GE-Silicone I brand rubber silicone cement. A long sharp knife like a fillet knife is recommended for the cleanest cut. Lubricating the entire length of the knife with soapy water or liquid soap, then moving the knife back and forth with the blade straight will give the cleanest cut.

Gray and yellow are the more popular colors for industrial usage. If you have poles that require padding, we recommend the Boing Yellow Pole Pad if your poles have a 5 inch diameter. This brand has two halves that connect. Each half is 19.5 inches long and .5 inches thick. The other choice is the Kids Edge yellow padding which is 48 inches high and has an interior diameter of 2 1/8 inches. Two pieces can be wrapped about a pole and pieces can be added to fit. There are also matching yellow corners and wall padding for the Boing products.

If you have a bigger project, we now offer quantity pricing on all 36 inch lengths of wide profile extruded foam edge padding. For example, choose the Kids Edge Cushion Pad Large Profile 2 3/8 Inches x2 3/8 Inches x 36 Inches in Black, 48/Box or purchase gray, taupe, brown or ivory in the 48 piece or 100 piece boxes. This product is made in the USA and usually ships within 5 business days or less.

Thanks for your question. Let us know if we can help further.

 Sincerely, Barbara

Measuring A Fireplace Hearth and Installing Kids Edge Hearth Safety Pad Without a Metal Frame

by Barbara 19. August 2009 12:39

Question about Kids Edge Hearth Safety Pad installation when there is no metal frame.

Q: "How do I install hearth pad on the edge and sides of my fireplace hearth if it does not have the metal frame? My hearth is poured concrete so I don't need the frame. How do I know if I have purchased enough padding? Thanks." Tom

Answer: First decide which color you want. Padding comes in gray, brown, black, taupe and ivory. Next measure the length of the hearth. Then measure the width of the side or sides. If the total equals 150 inches or less, the standard hearth pad kit will work. Each kit contains 90 inches of straight padding and two corners that are 10 inches by 20 inches. So you can cover the front of a hearth that is up to 130 inches long with 10 inches of returns to the fireplace or 110 inches of width with a return of 20 inches in depth.

These are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure the hearth edge is clean and dry.
  2. Lay out the pad on the hearth to determine how it will fit.
  3. Attach the corners, Remove the adhesive backing from the lower part of the pad. Fit it onto the hearth. Next remove the adhesive backing from the upper portion and press it onto the hearth.
  4. Next attach the straight pieces to the hearth. Press ends together as you attach each piece to help conceal joints.
  5. Most likely, you will need to cut the last piece installed.
  6. Measure the space to be covered accurately
  7. Add approximately 3/8 inch and mark the pad.
  8. Place pad on shipping box edge.
  9. Use a sharp long bladed knife such as a fillet knife in this next step
  10. Lubricate the entire length of the knife with liquid soap or soapy water
  11. Using light pressure, move the knife back and forth on the top of the pad, keeping the blade straight.
  12. Repeat on bottom half after turing over the pad
  13. Attach the last piece of pad by removing the backing as noted in step 3.

If you need additional lengths of padding, you can purchase by the foot or by the 54 inch stick. Remember extra padding can be used to pad tops of stairways into basements, etc.

Thanks for your question. We recommend that you do a safety walk around of your entire home as well to find other places that need safety proofing. Among the most dangerous items are aquariums, tv sets, bookcases, windows open more than 4 inches and sharp corners and edges on furniture.

Sincerely, Barbara

Which T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Unit Should I Buy?

by Barbara 19. August 2009 09:57

Question about the GrafCo Digital T.E.N.S. Electrical Nerve Stimulator GF-TX5, the Economy Analog Nerve Stimulation TENS Unit and the Lumiscope Deluxe Analog Nerve Stimulation TENS Unit.

Q: "I have chronic back pain. My doctor suggests I try using a TENS unit to help control the pain. I have a TENS prescription but don't know which unit to choose. I don't understand how a TENS works or why one unit might be better than another one. Please help. Thanks. Paula."

Answer: TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, i.e. nerves are stimulated using low levels of electricity via electrode pads coated with a conductivity gel placed on your skin. TENS decreases pain by transmitting painless electrical impulses via those electrodes. The electrical signals travel from the TENS unit through wires to the electrodes. The signal then passes to the nerves under the skin. These nerves take messages to the brain about what they feel, such as touch, warmth, pressure, and pain. TENS signals can replace the message of pain on these nerves with a tingling sensation. This changes your impression of the pain.The TENS signals may also increase the amount of endorphins (end-or-fins) in your body. Endorphins are a pain-relieving chemical made naturally by your body.

All units come with 4 electrode wires and 4 electrode pads. The analog units are less expensive, using dials to turn up the intensity of the stimulation, set the duration, etc.  The Economy Lumiscope Unit has three modes Standard, Bust and Modulation and is controlled by turning dials. The Deluxe Analog Unit is similar with dial controls but has a wider range of stimulation. Both analog units can have the settings changed by accidentally moving against something if the unit is attached to your waistband, for example. (And that can be a huge "shock" as I found out about 10 years ago when I moved the wrong way in an airplane seat when wearing the analog deluxe unit.) The Grafco Digital TENS has a memory, LCD read-out, dual channels and more accurate in the amount of stimulation one receives.

Where the electrodes are placed depends on the type and location of your pain. The electrodes may be placed to "cover" or "surround" the painful area. This works very well with muscle pain, spasms, or painful joints as in arthritis. Or, the electrodes may be placed to "capture" the pain as with the pain of a surgery incision (cut). The electrodes may be put between an injured nerve and the brain when a nerve has been hurt.

Placement of electrodes is usually at motor, trigger or acupuncture points.  These are high tissue conductivity points that can differ in location and theory of use yet their uses as  electrode sites is identical. The easiest technique involves placing one pad directly over the point and completing the circuit by placing the second pad on some area on the affected side. This second electrode site can be within a nerve zone, or a master point located between the thumb and the forefinger on the dorsaI If the electrodes are put in the wrong place your pain may not be lessened. The pain could even get worse if the electrodes are placed incorrectly. The electrodes should never be put near the eyes. The electrodes should also not be put over the nerves from the neck to the throat or brain. A physical therapist or physician can actually mark the best points using a magic marker on your skin so you know where to place the electrodes initially.

Usually TENS treatment lasts 3 to 5 days. It may be used around the clock for some pain, like "phantom limb" pain. This is pain you feel in your foot or hand after that limb was amputated (cut off). Or, the TENS treatment may be used for 3 to 4 hours a day for pain like arthritis. You may be able to give yourself TENS treatments at home. If this is so, caregivers will teach you how to put on the electrodes and control the TENS unit.

I recommend that you discuss your needs with your physical therapist or physician. Then choose a unit based upon the amplitude and intensity that you need, whether you prefer to have the programmed intensity ramp up automatically rather than changing it manually, and your budget.  Fax, mail or email your prescription as Federal Law requires for sale to other than hospitals and physicians if you living in the USA.

Thanks for your question.  Among our customers for these units are those with multiple sclerosis, sciatica and back pain. We wish you the best. Let us know if we can help further

Sincerely, Barbara