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Alcohol Breath Tester, Single Use, Accurate, Inexpensive

by Barbara 18. June 2017 09:00

Question about the Redline Single Use Breathalyzer

"Looking for a fast, inexpensive way to test my breath for alcohol before I drive home from a party." Thanks, Jim

I suggest the Redline Self Breathalyze. It is disposable, inexpensive, accurate, easy to use and single use. Results in 2 minutes. Fits in pocket! Might save your life or your driver's license! Traditional digital breathalyzers are not cost effective for occasional use. Disposable alcohol tests are a better choice. Redline is the only disposable breathalyser in the world to be quality approved and certified for accuracy by the FDA, USA, Standards Australia, French NF & German TUV.

Redline contains chemical crystals that change color from yellow to green when exposed to alcohol from a subject's breath. Reads above or below 0.05%. A positive test is displayed by green crystals above the two red lines on the tube. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that the product is not hazardous nor toxic: no specific labeling is required.

Package includes a disposable breathalyzer ampule, measuring bag, and instruction guide. Dimensions of each tester are 4 in. x 2 in. x .8 in.) Weight: 5 oz.

Have a great summer!


Cheap Breathalyzers Are Disposable, Accurate. Save Lives. Save Your License.

by Barbara 3. April 2011 10:41

Question about the Redline Disposable Breathalyser, Single Use, FDA Pre-Market Approved .

Q: "I've looked at the various AlcoHawk breathalyzers like the AlcoHAWK SLIM Alcohol Screener Breathalyzer and the AlcoHawk DOT Std. Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer ELITE. My problem is that I am a college senior, a man, and carrying one of these in my pocket takes up a lot of room. Plus it looks like I am about to be in some drinking contest! How accurate is the Redline disposable tester? I need to know when to call a cab rather than take a chance on driving drunk and risking an accident or a ticket. Thanks. Tim."

Answer: The Redline Disposable Breathalyser is cheap insurance against causing death, injury or a DUI. This is a single use disposable unit that uses alcohol reactive chemical crystals to give a quick reading of whether you are "safe" to drive. Best of all, it is so small the unit can discretely fit in your jacket or pants pocket. Use in the restroom or a quiet corner. Accurate to 0.05%.

Redline is the only disposable breathalyser in the world to be quality approved and certified for accuracy by the FDA, USA, Standards Australia, French NF & German TUV. Within two minutes, the test results are available. Order more than one disposable breathalyzer and share with friends and family! Traditional digital breath alcohol testers are a great investment for buyers looking to test several times in a month or multiple times in one day. T

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Are Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Better than Alcohol-Based Ones?

by Barbara 16. September 2009 06:36

Question about the Medline Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

Q: "Should I buy a non-alcohol based sanitizer or one with alcohol for use in my restaurant? Which works better?' Thanks. Janet

Answer:  I recommend that you first consider what your needs really are.

The non-alcohol based hand sanitizers contain benzalkonium chloride, a synthetic germicide. HandClens®  Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer is usually sold only to facilities like psychiatric wards, prisons, alcohol treatment centers, schools, etc. . The concerns about alcohol based sanitizers are that persons may use them to become intoxicated or that the alcohol could be a fire hazard. (National Fire Protection association (NFPA) concern). These are  as effective as the alcohol based but more expensive.  The HandClens brand in both foam and gel surpass the minimum FDA standards for an antiseptic hand sanitizer. Dispensed as foam, Handclens lasts longer than other products of similar sizes and is safe to use in any environment. It doesn't dry hands and it has a pleasant fragrance.Contains Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient and moisturizers to help protect the skin.

The alcohol based sanitizers must have a minimum of 62% alcohol to be effective. It is also important with all hand sanitizers that you keep your hands wet for at least 15 seconds. Among the more powerful hand sanitizers we sell is the Sterillium Comfort Gel Sanitizers Although intended more for hospital settings, this is the best sanitizer we know for restaurants, schools, etc. where large numbers of people gather. The other sanitizers we sell include Epi-Clenz Instant Hand Sanitizer has 70% alcohol in a gel sanitizer, Epi-Clenz Plus is a lotion type alcohol based hand sanitizer (62% alcohol) that is unscented and has oils gentle to hands, Epi-Clenz Breesia Scent and about 6 other sizes and scents in foam and in gel.

So, unless you have compelling reasons to avoid alcohol based products, I recommend you get a dispenser for your restaurant and purchase bags of one of the alcohol based sanitizers with a minimum of 62% alcohol.

Thanks for your question. Stay well.

Sincerely, Barbara

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Cafeterias and Restaurants Reduce Flu and Cold Risk

by Barbara 24. August 2009 10:30

Question about the Touchless Automatic White Dispenser for 800 to 1000 ml Hand Sanitizer and Epo Clenz Foam Hand Sanitizer Starter Kit.

Q: "Our PTA is interested in buying hand sanitizer dispensers and hand sanitizer for children and adults to use as they enter the school cafeteria. Our hope is to reduce colds and flu among the school population. The sanitizers we are looking at are alcohol based. What are the advantages of foam versus gel? Are there other options?

Answer: The two sanitizers you asked about are high in alcohol. A New York Times article from 2006 focuses on hand sanitizers. The recommendation there was to get all sides of your hands wet with gel or foam, then rub them together until they dry. CDC guidelines for healthcare workers are that, if your hands dry within 10 to 15 seconds, you did not use enough. Studies cited in the NY Times recommend purchasing alcohol based hand sanitizers with 60% to 95% alcohol or running the risk of growing bacteria rather than killing bacteria and viruses.

Soap and water are still the best choice although many restrooms are set up so that you must grab the door handle to leave rather than pushing it open thus contaminating hands. We were impressed on a recent cruise by the wide availability of hand sanitizer dispensers at all restaurants, entrances to the ship, restrooms, etc. Also one pushed out on restroom doors or there was a doorway entrance that meant no door was needed.

Personally, I prefer the foam dispensers although the liquid is as effective and was used on the ship. Children are attracted to foam products and there is less likelihood of dripping. The most economical way to buy the sanitizer is in the 1000 ml bags or about 33.8140225589 ounces.

One other more expensive option is the alcohol free Handclens foamer hand sanitizer that comes in green apple and unscented versions. This sanitizer has benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient.

The products we sell by Medline all have moisturizers or similar additives to keep hands from drying out.

Thank you for your question. We hope you are successful in your efforts especially with the H1N1 flu expected this fall. Most schools are asking children to bring sanitizer to school. The problem is that rarely is it available in school cafeterias in such a way that every child uses it before they eat.

Sincerely, Barbara


Recovery Time Between Alcohol Breath Tests on AlcoHawk Pro Model 11000?

by Barbara 24. June 2009 11:23

Question about the AlcoHawk 11000 by Q3 Innovations.

Q: "What is the recovery time between tests with this product? How many
tests can be done in a five minute period?" Jason.

Answer: The answer is 4 tests in 5 minutes since we recommend waiting 1 minute between each test performed using the AlcoHAWK® unit. The AlcoHawk Pro or unit uses a semiconductor oxide sensor and meets DOT Standards as a breath alcohol screener. A single 9 volt battery can power about 300 tests.

Some AlcoHawk features:
  • Warm-Up Time: 20 Seconds
  • Blowing Time: 5 Seconds
  • Response Time: 3 Seconds
  • Digital Display: 3 Digits in numeric readout.
  • Operating Temperature: 10-40° C
  • Detection Range: 0.00 - 0.40% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
  • Air Sample: 5 Seconds
  • Sensor Accuracy: 0.01% at 0.10 % B.A.C.
  • Calibration: Required Periodically. (Send to manufacturer or to designated recalibration facility)

  • Thank you for your question.
    Sincerely, Barbara

    Which Personal or Pro Alcohol Breathalyzer Should I Buy? Am I Liable If Someone Drives Drunk?

    by Barbara 13. June 2009 06:29

    Question about alcohol blood level breathalyzers for personal use.

    Q: "I want to buy a personal alcohol blood level screening device for tailgate parties and home parties. I want to be able to serve alcoholic beverages and avoid problems with friends or family inadvertently driving under the influence. What units do you suggest? If someone "blows" a significant number on the breathalyzer and insists on driving, am I still liable?"-Tom

    Answer: Please consult an attorney or law enforcement person in your state about liability issues related to alcohol you furnish to adults. Remember, criminal charges are filed every day for adults serving alcohol to minors and incarceration is not unusual.

    The Alcohawk breathalyzer units we sell were originally developed after a University of Iowa law student interned with a DUI lawyer and realized that an affordable breathalyzer could help prevent persons from driving drunk. Do remember that alcohol levels can continue to rise even if the person blows a legal limit into an alcohol-screening device, eventually pushing alcohol levels over the legal limit. There are now some Alcohawk units that are DOD certified and used by law enforcement for helping to determine if a person is over the legal limit.

    Currently, there are three main types of Alcohawks:

    1. Alcohawk 1: a single test unit that uses crystals to indicate the Blood Alcohol Concentration. These are inexpensive: better to buy a reusable one if you plan to screen multiple persons. Currently about $5 each.
    2. Alcohawk Elite, Precision and Slim: portable, reusable, extra mouth pieces available (mouthpieces can be sanitized). Prices range from about $60 to $125 at this time. Some are DOT (Department of Transportation) Conforming.
    3. Alcohawk PT500 Professional: visual and auditory alerts. About $200.
    • Adjustable Blowing Time (Professional Kit Only): The AlcoHAWK PT500 is the first AlcoHAWK that allows to adjust the blowing time from 3 to 8 seconds. The blowing time may be adjusted for testing subjects with poor lung capacity, such as a smoker, or for testing subjects with a large lung capacity, such as a high-endurance runner. This makes the AlcoHAWK PT500 ideal for accurate and reliable testing of a variety of individuals.
    • Easy-to-Read LCD Display: The AlcoHAWK PT500 offers a large, easy-to-read LCD display to make the unit the most informative and understandable AlcoHAWK Series product on the market.
    • Pressure Scan Sensor: Ensures that the user blows with enough force to start a test and also ensures that they continue to blow through the unit throughout the entire test.
    • Sensor Recognition Technology: This DOT/NHTSA conforming Breath Alcohol Screener uses new PT Core Fuel-cell Sensor Technology which enhances accuracy over the traditional semi-conductor sensors.
    • Warning Level Indicator: The AlcoHAWK PT500 features an audible and visual warning when a subject's BAC surpasses the adjustable BAC alarm point.

    How fast can someone metabolize alcohol and be safe to drive? When I was a certified addictions counselor working for the Department of the Army, the accepted criteria was that a healthy 150 pound man could usually metabolize one drink, defined as 12 ounces of beer, 6 ounces or wine or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits in about one hour. To be safe to drive, the recommendation was to wait one more hour. A woman's physiology differs: metabolism takes longer due to less water (more fatty tissue) in her body to "dilute" the alcoho: a 150 pound woman is more effected by even one drink. Whether you drink on an empty stomach or have eaten a full meal changes metabolism as well. Drinking and eating actually slows down the metabolism! And how healthy your liver is or is not is another variable.

    A wise host or hostess serves alcoholic beverages to adults in a manner that encourages prudent enjoyment of the beverages, perhaps cocktails, beer or wine with dinner and coffee or tea with dessert. Depending upon your group, having a breathalyzer on hand and "trying it out" may be quite acceptable. One customer last fall bought one for tailgating parties at the U. of Texas: his mature group of friends encouraged that action.

    The fear is that immature adults or teens might use the unit to see how high a number can be blown before the person passes out, etc. People do die from alcohol poisoning, i.e. when the breathing response is effected and/or the person goes into a coma-like state.

    Thank you for your questions. We hope this introduction to breathalyzers has been helpful.

    Sincerely, Barbara

    How accurate is the Alcohawk compared to what police use?

    by Barbara 31. May 2008 07:53

    Question about the product: Q3 Innovations AlcoHawk Slim Series
    Product Code: : Q3I-2500

    Q:"How accurate is this product compared to what a police officer would use?"-Francine.

    Answer: Every alcohol detector has a margin of error. The AlcoHAWK Slim is accurate to +/- .01 at the point of calibration. Each unit is checked prior to shipping and must meet this standard.

    In terms of our entire AlcoHAWK line, it's safe to say that the greater the price, the greater the accuracy and specificity. Our AlcoHawk line of breathalyzers are alcohol screeners. A screener is a unit that can screen individuals for the presence of alcohol. For the most part, police officers in the field use screeners to test drivers. In fact, several law enforcement officials are now using the AlcoHAWK as their preliminary screening device because the semiconductor technology is more affordable than fuel cell technology. Some police officers still use evidential units in the field that utilize fuel cell technology that are accurate to +/- .005 at the point of calibration and can print these results.

    Thanks for your question.