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Valvin V100L Keeps Toilets from "Running and Running" in Standard Tank Toilets

by Barbara 15. July 2018 10:01

Question: "Is there a device that can prevent toilet tanks from continuously leaking water through the tank flapper? Our guest room toilet ran for days before we realized the flapper had not sealed. Our water bill was double what it should have been." Thanks. from Mary.

Answer: Yes, the Valvin V100L is a toilet leak protection system that can easily prevent this problem. This intelligent fill valve is easily installed: does not require a plumber. Detects a fill valve leak, an open flapper or a partial flapper leak. The controller stops the leak. The colored indicator light shows where the leak is.

Works with single and dual flush toilets with standard tanks. includes fill valve, water float, controller, water tank sensor, float bowl and solenoid. Powered by a 9 volt battery (not included) Has a low battery warning light. Cost is about $75 plus shipping.

Thanks for your question.

Learning Propane and Carbon Monoxide Levels in a Home

by Barbara 19. March 2002 08:50

Q: Hello Barbara,  I am interested in knowing the level of propane, methane, and CO in my home. We burn propane and wood as fuel for heat, and are having some health problems that may be related. Do you have or know of such products? Please advise.Regards,Al

Answer: Dear Al,

Safe Home Products does not sell home monitors with digital readouts to tell you the exact levels. Most communities have home testing companies with sophisticated equipment to test your home over a period of days.

We do sell  several different carbon monoxide alarms plus combustible gas alarms and one valve shut-off units.  Brands include Safe-T-Alert, Quantum, Fire-x, and Kidde. The 120VAC carbon monoxide alarms by Safe-T-Alert are direct plug in, line cord (for proper placement), and hard-wired. Quantum has 9V battery operated carbon monoxide alarms and 12V/24V hard wired security system carbon monoxide alarms. Quantum also offers marine and RV units. Carbon monoxide can cause health problems as well as asphyxiation by suffocation.

We also sell propane and natural gas alarms by three manufacturers, Safe-T-Alert, Safety Siren and Safety First that will alert you to raw gas leaks before levels reach those where explosions or fire will occur. If you are worried about gas leaks from your furnace or other appliance, we recommend Scentry II Gas Alarm with Automatic Gas Valve Shut-Off.

If you have a cabin that uses propane gas only for heating and lighting, Safety First now has a 12V gas valve as well. This can run from a 12V battery or two that is re-charged using a solar panel.It is important to use the recommended gas valve or the Safety First unit will not function properly. We do recommend that you have your propane using appliances checked at least once a year by a professional and contact your propane supplier if you suspect a raw gas leak inside or outside your home. Remember our mission statement is "A Safer Life Starts Here."