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Has the Pro 3 Radon Gas Detector been EPA evaluated?

by Barbara 30. July 2008 15:30

Question about the product Product Code: Safety Siren Pro 3 Radon Gas Detector, SM-RAD-PRO3

Q: "The EPA states that "persons and companies should not represent themselves, their products or their services as "EPA Listed" or "EPA Approved" or "Meets EPA Requirements" or otherwise imply an EPA sanction." Please provide verification that the radon detector has been "EPA evaluated" as stated in your catalog. "

Answer: Per the actual product manual: "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Radiation and Indoor Environments National Laboratory (R&IE) has approved this device for radon measurement."

This is a very popular product especially as more becomes known about the cancer dangers from radon, a colorless odorless gas released from soil, water and now reportedly from some granite countertops.

Important Notes:  The Safety Siren Pro 3 cannot be sold to or shipped to Iowa or New Jersey Contact the Iowa Department of residents. Contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at (515) 281-7689 for further information. Per Iowa Department of Public Health rules, Chapters 43 (136B) and N.J.A.C. &:28-27 Regulations. Contact the NJDEP-Radon Section at 609-984-5423 for further information.).

Thank you for your question. Please read the manual on our website for more information.