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How accurate is the Alcohawk compared to what police use?

by Barbara 31. May 2008 07:53

Question about the product: Q3 Innovations AlcoHawk Slim Series
Product Code: : Q3I-2500

Q:"How accurate is this product compared to what a police officer would use?"-Francine.

Answer: Every alcohol detector has a margin of error. The AlcoHAWK Slim is accurate to +/- .01 at the point of calibration. Each unit is checked prior to shipping and must meet this standard.

In terms of our entire AlcoHAWK line, it's safe to say that the greater the price, the greater the accuracy and specificity. Our AlcoHawk line of breathalyzers are alcohol screeners. A screener is a unit that can screen individuals for the presence of alcohol. For the most part, police officers in the field use screeners to test drivers. In fact, several law enforcement officials are now using the AlcoHAWK as their preliminary screening device because the semiconductor technology is more affordable than fuel cell technology. Some police officers still use evidential units in the field that utilize fuel cell technology that are accurate to +/- .005 at the point of calibration and can print these results.

Thanks for your question.