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All About Next Day Air & Express Shipping

by Barbara 14. May 2008 11:16
Question about how long next day air shipping requires.

"I ordered the item on Thursday April 10 via next day air. I didn't receive it on Friday nor on Saturday. I am receiving it on Monday, April 14. I should not be charged for next day air! Please refund me the difference." Thank you Lon.

Answer: Actually your order was shipped and received by you in the correct amount of time. Until I started Safe Home Products in 1999, I, too, was not aware of how express shipping worked either for a courier service (UPS, DHL, FedX, etc) or the postal service.

Here is how internet and catalog companies ship express (next day, next day Saturday, 2nd day, 2nd day Saturday and 3 day select)

1. The order is received. Your order arrived via email at 2:08 PDT. In Iowa where we are located, the time zone is Central so it was 4:08 p.m. That was 4 hours past our cut-off time for express shipping. (Noon is our cut-off for shipping express.)
2. The package is picked, packed and shipped. This was done the next business day. (Business days are Monday through Friday.)
3. Mail gets picked up about 2 p.m. daily. UPS (our primary shipping courier service) picks up about 3 p.m.

So, your order was received after both our cut-off for express and both our shipping pick-ups for the day.

Your package shipped on Friday, the next business day. Week-ends are not included in expedited shipping unless a premium is charged such as for Next Day Saturday delivery. What you ordered was Next Day which means delivery on the next business day after the item is shipped. You did receive your order on Monday, which was the next business day after shipment.

If you had ordered your items via United States Express Mail, the package would still have shipped on Friday. And would have been delivered at the earliest on Monday if you were in a zipcode that qualified for that speed of delivery time. Sunday delivery would have cost $12.50 more if it was available in your area.

So, the basics about express shipping via UPS, Fed X or another courier service are
* Next day delivery does not include Saturday or Sunday.
* The day of shipment does not count
* No matter what the on-line store, each store has a cut off time for shipping.

We do appreciate your business and hope this explanation helps with further purchases from Safe Home Products and also from other merchants.

Thank you.


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