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Monday, September 2, 2002

Dull Streaked Laminated Wood Flooring

Q: "Hi, I have laminated wood flooring (2 yrs old) & the shine is gone...the floors are dull & streaking What can I do? Thanks, Julie"

Answer: Using oil-based cleaners or floor cleaning detergents can cause dull, streaked floors. Without knowing what products you have used, I don't know if the floors are coated with cleaners or damaged by cleaners.

This is what I suggest you purchase:

  1. A Bona Kemi MicroPlus Floor Mop with two microfiber mop covers
  2. Bona Kemi Laminate Floor Cleaner
  3. Microplus Mop Dusting Cover.
  4. Optional: Bona Kemi Hard Surface Refresher and a Microplus Mop Refresher Application Pad.

This is a terrific mop for all hard surfaced and wood floors. Two mop covers might be enough: depends upon the area to be cleaned. Extra ones let you always have clean ones to use. Bona's laminate/hard surface floor cleaner won't streak if you use it with the mop. This cleaner should remove any oil or detergent. Use the microfiber dusting cover in between moppings. All the covers are machine washable.

If the floor remains dull or you have some worn areas, then apply the Bona Hard Surface refresher to restore gloss. You'll need the applicator for best results.

Sincerely, Barbara

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