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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Does SHP accept insurance for nebulizers?

Q: "My husband uses a regular nebulizer with it and all medications and supplies for it are covered by his Medicare insurance. My question is, will the same insurance pay for your new Omron Microair Portable Nebulizer? Recent storms left us without electricity and on a code 3 alert for 6 days. Fortunately, he did not need the nebulizer. Thank you."

Answer: We are sorry, Safe Home Products does not accept insurance reimbursements at this time. Customers have shared that nebulizer prices from local durable medical suppliers are often 2 to 3 times our prices. If your insurance company reimburses you for medical equipment purchases, submitting your sales receipt plus a copy of the credit card payment receipts would be an economical way to keep medical costs down. And you would receive the unit within days after we get the nebulizer presciption via fax, email or mail.

Federal Law requires we ship only after receiving a prescription unless we are shipping to a medical clinic or hospital or outside the USA.
Sincerely, Barbara


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