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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Buying Lengths of Hearth Guard Padding

Q: " Hi, I just ordered 19 feet of this product (SF-KEPA-BR, Per Linear Foot, Brown Hearth Pad with Adhesive Tape). Just as I paid for it, it crossed my mind that it might come as 19 individual pieces and 19 continuous feet. Could you please check and let me know? Thanks!"
Answer: You will receive 19 continuous feet.

Q: "Hi, me again. I am sorry to be annoying. But, can you cut off the pieces to fit specific areas?"
Answer: Yes, you can cut this with an exacto knife or sharp scissors. Then you can glue pieces together using glue you would use on PVC pipe.

Comment: We sell Hearth Guard padding both by the foot, by the corner and in kits with a metal frame or without a metal frame. Colors include taupe, black, gray, ivory or brown. Customers sometimes use the padding for other safety reasons such as padding the sharp edge of a low doorway, in warehouses or on playground equipment. We also sell a narrower 1 inch padding for table edges, etc. in black, brown, gray, yellow and ivory in lengths beginning at 12 feet. Matching corners are available.

Please contact us if you have more questions.
Sincerely, Barbara

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