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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Coverage Area

Q: "What is the total square footage that one Woodstream Commercial PestChaser PC 600 covers?"

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to your question. Ultrasonic frequencies are sound above the normal range of human hearing and act more like light than say sound from a radio or television. See my answer below after you read why the answer is not absolute.

Characteristics of Ultrasonic Sound:
  • Is Highly directional like FM radio waves.
  • Reflects from hard surfaces like bare walls, doors, etc. like light from a mirror.
  • Is absorbed and dampened by soft surfaces such as carpeting, drapes, furniture and cardboard boxes.
  • Can be effected by the humidity of the air.
  • Creates a "shadow" of silence behind an object it hits, a sheltered area for pests. Place traps or poison bait in that "shadow" or aim additional PestChasers be aimed at the back of the object and eliminate the "shadow."
So under ideal conditions, each PestChaser can deliver sound up to 1000 square feet of space for up to 10 years or more. The PestChaser Commercial has a constant "on" swept frequency mode of 32 to 62 kHz with a sound pressure level of 110dB@ 1 meter. Do remember that best results come from treating the entry points and the perimeter and being patient. Field tests show that 6 to 9 days' is the average time to force rodents out of an infested area.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Sincerely, Barbara


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