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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Computer LIghts for Thin Flat Screen Monitors

Q: "Is the Eclipse computer light available for a thin flat screen monitor? I work on the computer all day. I keep getting headaches even though I wear glasses or contacts."

Answer: The Eclipse Computer Light now comes with an adaptor so it can be used with some flat screen monitors. Installation is easier if the top of the monitor is a minimum of 1 inch thick and is is level. Otherwise, you will have to build up the top to be level using foam mounting pads and mounting may be more complicated.

For best results in reducing eye strain and preventing headaches, make certain your monitor is positioned correctly so that you look slightly down on it and the screen is at the proper focal distance for your glasses or contacts if you wear bifocals. Also subdued indirect lighting in the room often is more comfortable and avoids light glare on the screen or on your eyeglasses.

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Sincerely, Barbara


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