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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chinese, Korean & German Microfiber Cloths

Q: Re: Starfiber 12 x 12 inch aqua microfiber cloths "Where are these cloths actually made? I am looking for some made in Germany that a friend told me about. Thank you. Pam"
Answer: These cloths are made in China. We do sell the OKO line of cloths that are imported from Germany. The Oko are several times more expensive. We know of no tests that compare the two cloths. The OKO cleaning cloth is larger and has a cut nap finish on one side. The aqua 12 x 12 cloth differs from our terry type microfiber cloths in that it has a distinct texture on its "scrub" side. The price difference is significant. We've had countless sales and repeat sales on the starfiber microfiber cloths and no complaints about the cleaning effectiveness of any microfiber cloths or microfiber mops that we've sold.

Sincerely, Barbara


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