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Friday, February 15, 2008

Using the Bona Refresher Kit on Parquet Floors?

Q: Is the Bona Kemi STARFIBER Hardwood Floor Refresher Kit & products suitable to refresh, clean & protect parquet wood floors? Thanks!

Answer: Yes, if the parquet is hardwood , sealed with polyurethane and you have not used an oil-based or wax on the floors. If grit is ground into the parquet, get estimates on professional refinishing versus replacement. Remember that oil based cleaners or waxes get into the scratches on the floor and make refinishing, especially of parquet, difficult at best.

If your floors are merely in need of restoration of gloss in traffic areas, using the refresher after cleaning with the MicroPlus mop and Bona hardwood floor cleaner will save you money.

Parquet floors in older homes generally have a lacquer, varnish, or shellac finish. On-Line suggests checking the finish using a cotton ball dipped in acetone fingernail polish remover. Choose an out of the way place. Then touch the floor with the cotton ball. If the floor feels tacky and the cotton is stained, the finish is varnish, lacquer or shellac. If the cotton ball is clean, it's polyurethane.

A friend chose having her parquet kitchen floor refinished two years ago. She was quite unhappy with the results. Parquet is lovely but the surface is thin. In the process, some squares were broken and some did not refinish well. When she asked for some re-work, the refinishers told her that her parquet was too thin to be refinished more than once. .

I hope this helps you make your decision.

Sincerely, Barbara

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