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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can a 12V power inverter run a 36V battery charger?

Q: "Question about the VECTOR 400 Watt Vehicle Power System (VEC024B). Will this run a 36 volt battery charger to a golf cart?" Thanks, Charlie.

Answer: This is a 400 watt power inverter with an 800 watt surge. The unit has both battery cables and a plug for the 12V accessory outlet. For your purpose, the battery cables are necessary, the vehicle engine must be kept running and the unit then may be large enough to power the battery charger.

What is important is the amperage draw of the battery charger (which you would be plugging into one of the AC outlets on the power inverter).

The specs on this unit are that it will handle a maximum draw of 3.6 amps. If the battery charger draws less than 3.6 amps, you could plug in the battery charger and then connect it to the golf cart battery. What I don't know is how quickly the battery would charge. Also you would need to know the power surge of the battery charger. Watts=amps x volts. So if the amps are 3 and the volts are 36, then the watts required would be 108 and this power inverter would work fine.

I do not know the weight of a golf cart battery or the difficulties in swapping a dead one out for a fully charged unit. Swapping it out might be easier than using the power inverter to charge the one that is installed. And perhaps less expensive at the current cost of gasoline.

I hope this helps.


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At August 8, 2008 8:14 AM , Blogger Power Inverter said...

I think you will need a true sine wave inverter though. Always recommend when charging a battery over 12 volts.

I also think the draw would be 3.6 amps at 120 volt so the watts are 432.

Sine Wave Power Inverters


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