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Monday, May 19, 2008

Using Knotted Bird Netting to Cover a Pen

Question about the produt Bird Net Notted, Polyethylene 25 ft by 25 ft.

Q:"Can this be used for bird cages? I'm looking for something to cover a pen that is 15 feet by 25 feet." Thanks. McKey

Answer: This knotted netting has 3/4 inch square openings and is quite flexible. You should easily be able to wrap this netting around a pen or bird cage. The netting can be cut to fit any size you need. Depending upon the pen structure, you can attach the netting using one of the methods below that are usually used to keep birds out rather than in.

Choose one of these methods to attach the netting:
1. Wire and polyclips: Often used on concrete, brick or steel structures. Polyclips easily fold over wire and snap together through netting spacing 1 – 3 feet apart depending on the application. Polyclips come in a case of 250.
2. Epoxy caulk: Purchase at hardware stores. Use on concrete,brick and steel. Or purchase special adhesive from Ssfe Home Products.
3. Plastic banding and stapling. For wood structures, staple to a solid wood surface through the plastic banding that is woven into the netting every 4 to 5 strands.
4. Wood lath strips: On wooden structures, use nails and wood lathe strips.

Thank you for your question. Good luck with your birds.



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