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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are bulbs replaceable on the Mini E-Trap?

Name : Lentek Mini E-Trap FT05G Indoor Ultraviolet Bug Zapper
Product Code: : LK-FT05G

Question: "Can you change the ultraviolet light or is the product no good after the lights burn out?"-Susan

Answer: Yes, you can replace the ultraviolet lights on the Mini E-Trap. We suggest you purchase extra bulbs when you place your order for the Mini E-Trap so you save additional shipping charges With all the rain this year, especially in the MidWest, our sales of bug catcher traps is way up. We do offer other models by other manufacturers, P3 International and Viatek and a 12 volt model, too.

The P3 International LED Bug Trap Model P7880 uses 6 purple ultraviolet attraction LED lights and a fan to lure in the flying insects. It is silent as well.

Viatek Zap Em doubles as a night light. It also uses an LED ultraviolet light. This is a small direct plug in unit.

The Koolatron 12 volt Insect Killer plugs into any 12 volt outlet to lure the bugs away from your picnic table or campsite.

And for the ones that still pester you, the Lentek Racket Zapper is a battery operated swatter that doesn't require smashing the insects against a wall or counter. Just activate and touch the flying insect in mid-air. These really work. The fly or mosquito drops dead.

Hope this helps with your questions. Sometimes knowing all the options helps.



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