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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting rid of barn swallows in a pole barn arena.

Question: "I have a huge problem with barn swallows nesting in my pole barn arena. They make a mess in the rafters and on the arena sand. I worry about disease around my valuable horses. What product would you reccommend that is not cost prohibitive or harmful to the arena structure? I looked at your spray on products but 1 of them said it was not for foam and I have Thermax insulation lining the ceiling right where the birds make their nests. Thanks.-Diane

Answer: We contacted our manufacturer for advice. This is their response: "Nests need to be taken down if possible. Afterwards, the Quadblaster Ultrasonic bird repeller unit, the QB-4, can be installed HIGH up in the rafters and activated without bothering horses!


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