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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Mop Covers Work with the Sh-Mop?

Question about the product Product Code: =ES-SH-001-C, Sh-Mop Complete Kit

Q: "What other mop heads do you have for the mop?" -Emily

Answer: The complete Sh-Mop kit you are referring to includes one platform base (15 x 8 inches), one extending mop pole, three cotton mop covers and one 4 oz. bottle of Bona Kemi concentrate that, when diluted, can be used to clean wood or hard surfaces including floors, cabinets, etc.

We offer six different covers for the Sh-Mop. These covers also fit the larger Bona Mop, the similar O'Cedar mops, etc. In other words, they fit any platform based mop with a 15 inch by 8 inch base.

  1. Sh-Micro Dusting Head for 15x8 Mops, Yellow. This is a 100% microfiber cover. Use wet or dry for hardwood floor, tile or laminate floor cleaning. This thinner flat woven micro fiber mop cover glides easily whether wet or dry. Elasticized.
  2. SH-Duster (Natural Cotton Loop) Cover . This is a 100% natural cotton loop dust cover for the Sh-Mop and all 15 x 8 inch based platform mops. Use wet to clean satillo and other irregular tile or dry for dusting. This cover is not elasticized but slips over both ends of the mop.
  3. Sh-Duster Synthetic Looped Dust Mop Cover This is a yellow acrylic looped dust cover. This is not elasticized but slips over both ends of the mop head.
  4. Sh-Wooly Plush Duster Cover This cover is a synthetic lambs wool duster. Use the Sh-wooly wet to wash cars, RV's, trailers, boats, etc. Highly absorbent, retains water.
  5. Bona Kemi Microfiber Mop Cover This is an elasticized blue microfiber dry dusting or wet mopping cover.
  6. Bona Kemi Cotton Mop Cover (Limited Quantities) We have limited quantities of the original elasticized cotton mop cover for Bona and other mops.

Thank you for your question. Remember we also offer packages of these covers in 3's, 12', 36's and 100's.

Sincerely, Barbara


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