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Monday, August 25, 2008

Effective Area for an EVA-DRY Dehumidifier

Question about the MO-EDV500 EVA-DRY EDV500 Dehumidifier

Question about the product: "How big of an area does the EVA-DRY EDV 500 work in"?

Answer: It is difficult to be specific because of the many factors involved that can cause higher or lower humidity.

Some variables include:
  • Location: Is this in Florida or Pennsylvania? Is this in a bathroom, basement or bedroom?
  • Season: Is it summer in Pennsylvania or winter?
  • How well sealed is the area? A safe or a closet with vented doors?
This dehumidifier is made for small areas like a clothes closet, a gun safe, a small travel trailer, a boat or other small enclosed space. The Eva-Dry humidifier adsorbs about 10 ounces of moisture within 3 - 8 weeks depending on humidity level present. Once adsorbed, moisture cannot leak or spill. What adsorbs the moisture is a specially engineered crystallized silica gel that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe.

What is handy about this unit is that no power is needed during the adsorption of the moisture. When indicator crystals turn pink, flip out the plug and plug the dehumidifier unit into a power outlet in a well-ventilated area (bathroom with extraction fan, garage, outside, etc.). A built-in heater warms the crystals which expand and release the moisture as water vapor into the surrounding air. A renewal cycle takes about 12-14 hours. When completely renewed, the indicator crystals are blue. Replace in closet, drawer or vehicle and the unit is ready to adsorb another 10 ounces of moisture.

If you have an electrical outlet and want more capacity, I suggest you purchase the Eva-Dry Petite Electric Dehumidifier. We have one running from April through October in our main office. It keeps the printer paper dry so we don't have paper jams. And the water collected keeps the plants watered. It is silent. The capacity is 2 cups and we empty it every other day.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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