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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Rid of Roosting Robins in a Tree

Question about the Product P3-P7830, P3 Passive Infra-Red Sonic Birdchaser Repeller

Q: "Will this product scare away roosting robins in a tree? I will mount it in the tree and need to run it at night starting at dusk when they arrive. Please offer your repy and any guarantee that it will work. Thanks. Franco"

Answer: This is not the unit for you: it won't work at night because it has a photo electric cell that won't let it operate.

The photo cell of the BirdChaser disables the unit when it gets dark as that is the time birds tend to be less active. The BirdChaser does have two modes, infra-red and Auto. The infra-red motion detector mode in which the unit activates if a bird flies in the detection area or any warm blooded animal is detected within the covered area. The Auto mode activates according to the setting of the time interval, 5 to 30 minutes. So during daytime hours, the BirdChaser broadcasts predatory calls of hawks and owls every 5 to 30 minutes.

Better choices:
  • Spraying the tree with Birdproof liquid: birds won't roost if the roost is sticky. Lasts a few years in most climates.
  • Hanging Holographic Irritape in the tree: wind makes the tape rustle and sun glare scares the birds away.
  • BirdXpeller Pro 1 : This sonic bird chaser can be set to operate at night as well as during the day. Set switch 3 and switch 4 to on and it will operate at night. Or set switch 3 off and switch 4 on and it will work 24/7.

Getting rid of birds and keeping them away is easier and more successful if you use more than one bird control method at the same time.

Thanks again for your question. Good luck.

Sincerely, Barbara

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