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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Choosing a Cervical Collar to Ease Whiplash Neck Injury Pain

Questions about cervical collars

Q: "I suffered from whiplash in a car accident. I understand there are several types of cervical collar. The one I have is not comfortable. Could you explain the differences and suggest how I choose one?'Thanks. Matt

Answer: We recommend that your physician and/or physical therapist help you choose the best cervical collar for your needs. Physical therapists often are the better choice as they can measure your neck accurately and share experiences with other patients' comfort. Cervical collars or neck braces help support one's spinal cord and head after surgery or trauma. A cervical collar can also help realign one's spinal cord as it relieve pains. Usually cervical collars are not worn for long periods of time. For example after a cervical spinal fusion, a patient may need the support of a neck collar during recovery.

After suffering a whiplash injury, a person may need neck support until the neck injury is healed.

Currently, we offer these types of cervical collar:
  • Philadelphia cervical collars: adjustable neck height from 70mm (2 3/4" in) to over 100 mm depending upon size (medium, large and extra large). Each size fits necks 16 inches to 21 inches around. Molded "Ethafoam" for comfort, this cervical collar provides very high immobilization, is anatomically shaped and has a preformed chin and opening for a tracheotomy.
  • Soft Foam Cervical Collar: Made with a firm density PU foam to provide cushion and comfortable cervical support. Covered with aesthetically pleasing Nylon stockinette and a cotton sleeve. Sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. Fit necks beginning at 12 inches through 23 inches around.
  • Deluxe Foam Cervical Collar: Medium density, 1" thick foam collar covered in natural stockinette. Contoured design features chin cutout. Velcro®-type closure.
  • Adjustable Cervical Collar: Height adjustment from 1"-1.25" for perfect fitting. Made with Ethafoam for more cushioning. Well-ventilated for comfort.
    Available in Medium (16 to 21 inches), Large (17 to 22 inches) and X-Large (18 to 23 inches).
Thank you for your question. We wish you a speedy recovery.
Sincerely, Barbara


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