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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mechanical and Electronic: Height Measuring Devices or Stadiometers

Question about height measuring devices for use in schools and medical offices.

Q: "Our medical offices are looking for wall mounted stadiometers. What options do we have? What are the pros and cons of the standard versus the digital ones?

Answer: Options are mechanical aluminum, mechanical plastic and electronic. Cost is the main difference as well as which measure in 1/8 inch increments or centimeters, have foot stabilizers, etc.

The most economical and most popular continue to be the aluminum, wall mounted stadiometers. These cost $200 and up and read in centimeters or in inches. Also there are extra wide units like the Seca 222. There are also heavy duty plastic units with a headpiece lock knob to retain the result, double sided scale showing cm and inches and easy to read display. The most sophisticated of the wall mounted mechanical rods is the Seca 240 which lets you read directly off the measuring slide head piece.

The newest on the scene are the digital electronic units which are exponentially more expensive, over $1300 each at this writing. The Seca 242 Electronic Wall Mounted measuring rod is favored by endocrinologists as the measuring rod determines the height via an opto-sensor and transmits wirelessly, from the separate, easy to read LCD so that the result can be read-off at any location. This unit also has a heel positioner.

Many medical professionals continue to prefer the scale mounted stadiometers that usually come with a particular model of scale.

Thanks for your questions.
Sincerely, Barbara

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