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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Locked Medready Timed Pill Dispensers for Hearing Impaired, Elderly or Complicated Drug Regimens

Question about the product HH-MR-1500FLLF MedReady Pill Dispenser With Flashing Light and Low Frequency Alarm.

Q: "My dad cannot hear higher frequencies of sound. He is getting forgetful and needs help remembering to take his pills three times each day. Is the MR-1500FLLF the best choice for him?" Thanks. David

Answer: Medready recognized the need for an automatic pill dispenser with dual reminders. So the 1500FLLF was created. The pitch of the alarm is at a lower frequency plus there is a flashing light reminder.

According to Mayo clinic websites, there now are hearing aids that can help those with high-frequency hearing loss. Those with high-frequency hearing loss have trouble hearing higher pitched voices such as women's and children's voices, and certain parts of speech, such as consonants.

Medready also offers these units:
  • HH-MR-P1500LF: MedReady Lower frequency alarm
  • HH-MR-P1550FLLF: MedReady Lower frequency alarm, flashing light and modem connection for remote monitoring.
  • HH-MR-P1500FL: MedReadyFlashing light alarm
  • MR-P1550FL: MedReady Automatic Pill Dispenser with Flashing Light and Modem Connection
  • HH-MR-P1500: Basic Medready unit with standard alarm at frequency of 2800-3000 Hz alarm.
  • HH-MR-P1550: Medready Basic Unit with Modem Connection
For those who live where AC power is 230VAC, Medready also offers units set for those power requirements. Medready offers a low cost monitoring service via computer link.

We do recommend an extra pill box insert if you or your pharmacy or home nursing service is filling the medications for your parent. Several state social services departments are utilizing the Medready units to help keep senior citizens healthy and to remain living in their homes as long as possible.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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