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Friday, July 17, 2009

Strength and Durability of Child Safety Banister Guard Plastic Child Safety Product

Question about the product Banister Guard 15 feet by 33 inches high, Product Code: =SF-BG15

Q: Does the plastic around the holes crack? Is the plastic very strong?" Thanks, Twig

Answer: We've sold this indoor banister guard product for about 9 years and never had a complaint about the plastic cracking. The plastic is quite strong. PET medical grade plastic. Once this is installed, it is tight to the banister so there should be no tearing. You cannot tear this: you have to punch the holes and cut with sharp scissors.

Several years ago, our family went skiing at Copper Mountain. The condo we rented had an indoor banister with about a 6 inch space between the uprights. I alerted the adults and the kids to the dangers. Nonetheless, my 4 year old grandson caught his head through the opening which resulted in a few minutes of panic before we extricated him. I left a message for the management company and wonder if they ever acted on the risk as a smaller child could actually hang himself if he went feet first.

Child Proofing Banister Guard Features:

* PET medical grade plastic.
* Easy to cut to fit with scissors.
* Attach to spindles and end posts with 50 lb. tensile strength cable ties (included).
* Use hole punch (included) for customized hole placement.
* Wall anchor screws (included) for optional wall attachment.
* 33 inches high.
* For indoor use only.
* Note: No UV protection: this material degrades from sunlight exposure.

This comes in lengths to 50 feet.

Easy Installation. Use scissors to cut shatterproof KidShield to fit. Remove protective clear film. Fasten Kid Shield to banister posts with cable ties. Secure ends to a wall or end post with screws (or around banister with cable ties). Plastic Kid Shield Banister Guard, cable ties, screws, hole punch and detailed instructions provided. Approximately one cable tie provided for every 9 inches of Banister Guard. Materials needed: Tape measure, straight edge, marker, scissors and Phillips head screwdriver.

I hope this answers your questions. Just remember to remove the protective film before installing.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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