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Monday, March 3, 2008

Heating a Small Bedroom with Cozy Legs Panels?

Q:"Would you be able to heat a small bedrooom if you braced one of the Cozy Legs panels to the ceiling?" Thanks. Melodee

Answer: No, the Cozy Legs panel is not meant to heat large areas like a bedroom The panel must be mounted vertically, either using the optional metal stand or adhesive attachment to a wall. So it could not be braced to the ceiling. The unit is typically used under a desk and is an energy efficient way to provide supplemental heat without blowing fuses. The power used is equivalent to a 150 watt bulb.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Using Super Footwarmer Mat in a Bathroom

Q: "Hi, Can I use this mat (ES-CZP-FWB Cozy Super Footwarmer Floor Mat) in a bathroom? Thanks, --Ron"
Answer: Good question. No one has asked this one before. This is a sealed unit. Heavy rubber, fully sealed and waterproof. Is this going to warm feet while seated on the throne at night? Or in front of the mirror while you shave? Just curious. If you have ground fault interrupters in your bathroom and the unit is unlikely to fall into the tub, shower, or stool, it should be safe. Wet feet shouldn't be an issue since it is rubber and sealed. These are used in warehouses and for drying out boots.I'll shoot this one to the manufacturer and see what their response is. Okay?Barbara
3/19/2004 Answer: The official word is yes, that it can be used in a bathroom. I am not sure how much heat would be generated through a bath rug. Some have rubberized backs. This unit come with a two prong plug. I am not enough of an electrician to know if you could replace the plug with a grounded one. It does take this unit about 25 minutes to reach 125 degrees. I guess it depends how long your shower lasts! Sincerely, Barbara

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