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Saturday, April 4, 2009

BonaKemi Wood Floor Polish Or Bona Hardwood Refresher?

Question about the product Product Code: BK1001, BonaKemi Hardwood Floor Polish

Q: "Does the Polish leave a high gloss on the floor after it dries like the Refresher does? I noticed the Refresher product has a note on the label that it will leave a higher gloss on the floor than before its use and I would like to understand if that same note applies to the Polish product? Thank you for your response!"- Jennifer

Answer: Thanks for this question. I contacted BonaKemi to make sure my answer was correct. As you can see below, the important questions to ask yourself are whether you plan to have the wood floors refinished completely or not: Bona Wood Floor Polish cannot be re-coated (see below.) If you need technical support, phone this BonaKemi number: 800-872-5515.

BonaKemi Responded: "Bona Floor Polish is for newer floors including prefinished flooring: it is a blend of polyurethane and acrylic. You can buff the polish to get a better shine: the polish gives more of a sheen and blends better into the existing flooring than BonaKemi Hard Wood Floor Refresher. View the polish as a maintenance product like a wax. The acrylic component is why polished floors cannot be re-coated without being stripped. There are acrylic stripping agents available but the risk is that the polish will remain in the cracks unless sanded out.

The Bona Refresher is for older floors, gives more gloss and can be re-coated with polyurethane finish. The most important isse is to measure the area to be covered and not to skimp on the product. For both the refresher and the polish, the coverage is 500 square feet maximum. That is an area that is 10 feet by 50 feet or 15 feet x 33 feet, etc. If you spread the polish or refresher too thin, then you can get streaks. The refresher is not as durable as the polish but again this is meant for older flooring."

Applying Bona Hard Wood Floor Polish.
  1. Vacuum, Sweep or Dust Mop then thoroughly clean with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and the blue Microfiber Cleaning Pad on your Bona Microplus Mop. Repeat if necessary. Allow floor to dry.
  2. Gently rock container back and forth to mix. Slightly dampen (with water) a Bona Applicator Pad, Bona Cleaning Pad or paint pad and attach to mop. Squirt Hardwood Floor Polish onto floor. Working in sections small enough to keep the applicator wet, apply product to the floor and spread evenly. Smooth with the grain. Continue working in sections until the floor is completely coated. Rinse the applicator pad with water.
  3. Allow the floor to dry at least 2 hours before allowing foot traffic. Allow to dry overnight before heavy foot traffic.For Best Results: Always test a small inconspicuous section of the floor before use. Do not apply the product too thin. Coverage should be 500 square feet per bottle. Streaking will occur if the product is applied too thin. Coat the entire floor to ensure an even appearance.
  4. Application Frequency: Use as needed every 1-2 months.
  5. Note: Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is not re-coatable with finish. Hardwood Floor Polish must be completely removed by sanding to bare wood before recoating to ensure proper adhesion.
Thank you again for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BonaKemi Commercial Floor Mop with Disposable Pads or Microfiber Pads

Question about the Product BonaKemi Hard Surface 24 Inch Commercial Floor Mop Kit.

Q: "We have a computer store in a strip mall in a Pittsburgh suburb.Despite floor mats at the door, dirt gets tracked in by our customers. We have a cleaning company come once a week but the floor often needs cleaned every day. Do you think this mop kit would be a good choice for a fast floor cleaning? We don't want to deal with taking mop covers home to launder them." Thanks. Lynn.

Answer: I recommend this commercial floor mop kit for quick cleaning of larger areas. With a 24 inch mop head and disposable covers, this mop cleans quickly and no one has to launder grimy covers. In this mop kit, you also get 25 disposable covers, a sturdy telescoping handle and a 32 ounce spray bottle of commercial hard surface floor cleaner, also from BonaKemi. Additional packages of disposable covers are available in packages of 50 or cases of 300. For those of you who have laundry facilities available, I recommend the Dust Mop Covers and the Microfiber Wet Mop Covers that can be washed and dried hundreds of times.

We also sell concentrated commercial hard wood cleaner and concentrated commercial hard surface cleaner in gallons. That dilutes 8 parts water to 1 part cleaner so you can easily refill the spray bottle and reuse about 36 times. If you have hardwood, select the commercial mop kit with hardwood cleaner instead of the hard surface cleaner.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Can I Apply Bona Kemi Floor Cleaner with a Dust Mop?

Question about 32 oz. Spray Bona-X LAMINATE HARD SURFACE Floor Cleaner.

Q: "Dear safehomeproducts, Can I use this cleaner with just a regular dust mop? Or does it have to be a special type of covering for the mop? What I do now is spray the cleaner, damp the mop, and mop away......afterwards, I remove the cloth from the mop and throw it in the washing machine. Thanks Andrea"

Answer: I do not recommend using a regular dust mop for two reasons. First, if it is acrylic yarn, dirt, particles of food, grit, etc can get caught up in the yarn and cause scratches on the floor.

We recommend that you vacuum, sweep the floor with a soft broom or dust with a clean dust mop. We sell dust mop covers that are made of microfiber and release the particles when they are laundered. The two flat knit microfiber covers are from Bona Kemi and from Sh-mop, blue one and a yellow one. There is also a longer fibered white microfiber cover that fits the Microplus mop.

Then use a cotton covered Sh-Mop, microfiber covered Bona Mop or Micro-Plus mop and actually clean the floor. That way you will have a shining floor and avoid scratches. As the covers get soiled, replace them with clean ones. Then launder in the washing machine. Both types of fabric both grab the dirt into the fibers and release all the particles, etc. in the wash.

Remember that this Bona floor cleaner is great to clean your formica, stone or other sealed surfaces, too.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kirks Bath Soap. No Animal Products, Won't Melt Fast.

Question about availability of long lasting, all vegetable based bar soaps.

Q: "I'm looking for a bath soap with no animal products and will not get soft after a few uses." Thanks. Henry

Answer: You've found it! Kirks Original Coco Castile Soap is a bath soap with no animal products that stays firm. It is also hypoallergenic and lathers generously in hard and soft water. I began selling Kirks soaps in 2000 as my late father shared it was no longer available in Western Pennsylvania supermarkets. One Illinois customer who'd been exposed to Agent Orange claimed Kirks is the only soap that doesn't irritate his skin.

Kirks Bath Soap Advantages:
  • Luxurious lather in hard or soft water.
  • Use as a body soap, facial soap or for shampoo.
  • Gentle hypoallergenic soap.
  • Biodegradable
  • No animal testing
  • No animal by-products
  • Horse and dog owners use as an animal shampoo.
  • Ultra gentle with no drying residue.
  • No synthetic detergents.
  • Longer lasting than most supermarket soaps.
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite.
  • Bar weight: approximately 4 oz.
We sell it in 6 bar packages, 12 bars packages 24 bar half cases or an
48 bars
full cases. Both the cost per bar and the shipping cost per bar goes down as you buy more. We also sell Kirks in a liquid form that is the original formula.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Is There a Bona Kemi Spray Mop for Laminate Floors?

Question about the product: Bona Kemi Spray Hardwood Floor Mop with Cartridge.

Q: "I am interested in your bona kemi spray hardwood floor mop with cartridge, but am wondering if you make one for laminate floors. I'd like to use this on laminate. Would it hurt the flooring? Thank you for your help."

Answer: We contacted Bona Kemi. Their reply: Bona is now making a stone, tile and laminate replacement cartridge for the Bona spray mop. Their rationale is that the hardwood floor cleaner can safely be used on stone, tile and laminate, the Bona spray mops are initially being produced with the hardwood cartridge. The difference in formulas is that the laminate formula contains more degreaser.

Do remember that the spray mop cartridges are not refillable. We recommend the standard Bona MicroPlus mop with two mop covers, the MicroPlus mop with one wet pad and a dusting pad or the Bona large based mop with two microfiber mop covers . You can use your own spray bottle or buy Bona hardwood or hard surface cleaner in a 32 oz. spray bottle , gallon or concentrate , each of which makes 32 oz. of cleaner. This is more economical and about as fast when you have larger areas to clean.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Bona Kemi Wood Cleaner Safe for Cats and Dogs?

Question about the Product: Case of Eight (8) 32 oz. Spray Bona WOOD Cleaner Product Code: : ES-BK-1154-8
Q:"I would like to know if it is safe for cats and dogs." Maureen

Answer: Bona Kemi floor cleaners are all non-toxic waterborne cleaners. Years ago, we discussed the safety of the concentrated hard wood cleaner with our Bona rep and were assured that it was a "green" safe cleaner. I've used it for years on my ceramic floors and never had a problem with my dogs (and now cat). (Yes, it works great to clean ceramic and vinyl, too.)

I doubt that an animal would have the chance to drink it if it is used as recommended, i.e. with a spray bottle. My two Boston Terriers have licked food off the floor and never had a problem

We also sell an entire line of soy based cleaners that are non-toxic.

Hope this helps. We like the concentrate: it is easier to ship, weighs less and works just as well as the premixed once it is diluted.

Thanks for your question.



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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do you sell covers for a mop bought at Wal-Mart?

Subject: Question about the product Product Code: =ES-SH-002A
Q:"refill for mop head 4 inches wide and 15 inches long It uses velcro for fastening I cannot find this refill in Wal-Mart where I bought the mop. Please send price list and information on where I can obtain these. "=Maxine

Answer: Maxine, we sell the Bona Kemi brand microfiber mop refill pads for all mops 4 x 15 inches that use the velcro type fastening. Bona recently changed the fiber to a twist fiber so that the mop moves more easily whether you use it wet or dry. We also sell the white long strand microfiber dusting covers by Starfiber that also velcro on and off.

Pricing varies according to our promotions and quantities you buy. Please look at our website for current pricing.

Thanks again for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Mop Covers Work with the Sh-Mop?

Question about the product Product Code: =ES-SH-001-C, Sh-Mop Complete Kit

Q: "What other mop heads do you have for the mop?" -Emily

Answer: The complete Sh-Mop kit you are referring to includes one platform base (15 x 8 inches), one extending mop pole, three cotton mop covers and one 4 oz. bottle of Bona Kemi concentrate that, when diluted, can be used to clean wood or hard surfaces including floors, cabinets, etc.

We offer six different covers for the Sh-Mop. These covers also fit the larger Bona Mop, the similar O'Cedar mops, etc. In other words, they fit any platform based mop with a 15 inch by 8 inch base.

  1. Sh-Micro Dusting Head for 15x8 Mops, Yellow. This is a 100% microfiber cover. Use wet or dry for hardwood floor, tile or laminate floor cleaning. This thinner flat woven micro fiber mop cover glides easily whether wet or dry. Elasticized.
  2. SH-Duster (Natural Cotton Loop) Cover . This is a 100% natural cotton loop dust cover for the Sh-Mop and all 15 x 8 inch based platform mops. Use wet to clean satillo and other irregular tile or dry for dusting. This cover is not elasticized but slips over both ends of the mop.
  3. Sh-Duster Synthetic Looped Dust Mop Cover This is a yellow acrylic looped dust cover. This is not elasticized but slips over both ends of the mop head.
  4. Sh-Wooly Plush Duster Cover This cover is a synthetic lambs wool duster. Use the Sh-wooly wet to wash cars, RV's, trailers, boats, etc. Highly absorbent, retains water.
  5. Bona Kemi Microfiber Mop Cover This is an elasticized blue microfiber dry dusting or wet mopping cover.
  6. Bona Kemi Cotton Mop Cover (Limited Quantities) We have limited quantities of the original elasticized cotton mop cover for Bona and other mops.

Thank you for your question. Remember we also offer packages of these covers in 3's, 12', 36's and 100's.

Sincerely, Barbara


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    Using Soyclean Graffiti Remover

    Question about the product: SoyClean Graffiti Remover 22 oz.

    Q: "Can this product be used on automobiles without harming the car finish?"- Geraldine

    Answer: Soy Clean does not recommend use of this product on a car as damage may occur to the finish. If your car was spray painted, we suggest you take the car to an auto body/paint shop for their evaluation.

    SoyClean's Graffiti Remover was formulated to remove graffiti, inks, magic marker and paint from hard surfaces. It works well to remove silver paint, black paint and enamel paints. SoyClean is a 100% natural, soy-based, non-toxic product that rinses away with water. Most other graffiti removers on the market are harsh and even dangerous to users and the environment. SoyClean contains no hazardous ingredients.

    Good luck.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Friday, February 22, 2008

    Can Kirk's Original Castile Soap Be Used on the Face?

    Q: "The product description says that Kirk's Original Castile Soap can be used as a body wash and as a shampoo but it didn't mention use on the face. Can this be used as a facial soap?" Thanks from Lois.

    Answer: Yes. Kirk's castile soap is a very mild soap that is made of all natural products without any chemicals or animal fats. Due to its high glycerine content, Kirks lathers generously in hard water as well as in soft water. Kirk's is a very slow melting soap which means you may be surprised how long one bar of soap lasts!

    One of our customers is a Viet Nam vet who was exposed to Agent Orange. He shared that this is the only soap he can use. My late father is the reason why we sell Kirk's soaps. When local supermarkets no longer sold Kirk's, Dad urged me to find the manufacturer and to sell it. Dad's ceramic tile soap dish was so small that he always cut the bar in two. We've been selling Kirks since 2000.

    If you have other questions, please contact us.



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    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Chinese, Korean & German Microfiber Cloths

    Q: Re: Starfiber 12 x 12 inch aqua microfiber cloths "Where are these cloths actually made? I am looking for some made in Germany that a friend told me about. Thank you. Pam"
    Answer: These cloths are made in China. We do sell the OKO line of cloths that are imported from Germany. The Oko are several times more expensive. We know of no tests that compare the two cloths. The OKO cleaning cloth is larger and has a cut nap finish on one side. The aqua 12 x 12 cloth differs from our terry type microfiber cloths in that it has a distinct texture on its "scrub" side. The price difference is significant. We've had countless sales and repeat sales on the starfiber microfiber cloths and no complaints about the cleaning effectiveness of any microfiber cloths or microfiber mops that we've sold.

    Sincerely, Barbara


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    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Using the Bona Refresher Kit on Parquet Floors?

    Q: Is the Bona Kemi STARFIBER Hardwood Floor Refresher Kit & products suitable to refresh, clean & protect parquet wood floors? Thanks!

    Answer: Yes, if the parquet is hardwood , sealed with polyurethane and you have not used an oil-based or wax on the floors. If grit is ground into the parquet, get estimates on professional refinishing versus replacement. Remember that oil based cleaners or waxes get into the scratches on the floor and make refinishing, especially of parquet, difficult at best.

    If your floors are merely in need of restoration of gloss in traffic areas, using the refresher after cleaning with the MicroPlus mop and Bona hardwood floor cleaner will save you money.

    Parquet floors in older homes generally have a lacquer, varnish, or shellac finish. On-Line suggests checking the finish using a cotton ball dipped in acetone fingernail polish remover. Choose an out of the way place. Then touch the floor with the cotton ball. If the floor feels tacky and the cotton is stained, the finish is varnish, lacquer or shellac. If the cotton ball is clean, it's polyurethane.

    A friend chose having her parquet kitchen floor refinished two years ago. She was quite unhappy with the results. Parquet is lovely but the surface is thin. In the process, some squares were broken and some did not refinish well. When she asked for some re-work, the refinishers told her that her parquet was too thin to be refinished more than once. .

    I hope this helps you make your decision.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Friday, February 1, 2008

    Cleaning an Expresso Coffee Maker

    Q: "Is Clean Citric Decalcifier okay to clean espresso machines?How large is this container? Thanks. -jg."

    Answer: We checked with the OKO distributor. Yes it is safe to use on an expresso machine to remove hard water and lime deposits. 250 grams is the size of the container. Our supplier noted that the citric decalcifier is 100% biodegradable and all natural. Contains no phosphates, formaldehyde or solvents so it cannot harm skin, yard or pets.



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    Friday, January 25, 2008

    Can I use Bona Kemi wood floor cleaner?

    Question about the 4 Oz. Bottle Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate.
    Q: "Hello is this recommended for a Mullican engineered wood flooring? thanks -dwright."

    Answer: Yes, Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner is approved for use on Mullican engineered wood flooring. Before cleaning your floors, please vacuum, sweep or use a Bona Kemi microfiber dust mop or Sh-Duster to get sand and grit off before mopping. Wipe up spills with a microfiber cloth dampened in water or diluted Bona floor cleaner. Never use oil soaps or wax on your polyurethane finished floors.

    At least once a month, clean your floors preferably with either a Bona microplus mop with microfiber covers, a standard Bona mop with microfiber covers, or a Sh-Mop with 100% soft cotton terry covers or microfiber covers. Spray on a small amount of Bona Kemi hard wood floor cleaner. Never use a soaking wet mop on your flooring.

    The advantages of these Bona and Shmops is that the covers machine wash and dry. This means you never risk scratching floors with dirt or grit embedded in fibers. And you save money over disposable covers.

    We also sell premixed wood floor and laminate floor cleaners, extra dusting and mopping covers, and microfiber cleaning cloths.

    Thanks for your question. Enjoy your new floors.



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    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Calculating How Much a Floor Cleaning Kit Will Clean

    Q:"How many square feet will the Ultimate MicroPlus Hard Wood Floor Care System clean and treat? If I need additional products, do you combine shipping at a reduced rate? Thanks, R."

    Answer: I hope the following information will help answer your questions.

    First, here is what is in each Ultimate MicroPlus Kit:
    1. one 32 oz. spray bottle of Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner
    2. one 32 oz. bottle of Bona Kemi Hard Wood Floor Refresher
    3. one microfiber floor refresher applicator pad
    4. one micro plus floor mop
    5. one extension pole
    6. one microfiber mop pad
    7. one 9 x 12 inch microfiber cloth for cleaning up spills
    8. one microfiber dust mop cover
    9. one instruction sheet
    Next, estimating the square footage this kit will clean and treat:
    • Each 32 oz. bottle of Bona Kemi Hard Wood Floor Refresher restores gloss on approximately 500 square feet of hardwood flooring. We do sell refresher in single bottles and in multiples for larger areas.
    • Each 32 oz. spray bottle of Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor cleaner could clean at least 2000 sq. ft. if used sparingly as suggested. Of course if the floor is really dirty, you may need to use more.
    We usually suggest that you purchase one microfiber mop cover for about every 500 feet of flooring that you plan to clean.

    Shipping costs are based upon a combination of considerations:
    1. The number of products in the order
    2. The weight of each product
    3. The estimated physical size of the shipping box
    4. The postal code to which the products will ship
    5. The method of shipping chosen.
    So rates are reduced if you buy additional products at the same time. Please contact us if you have more questions about Bona Kemi cleaning products or other products we sell.

    Sincerely, Barbara


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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Availability of Kirks Blue Soap

    Q:"Do you by any chance still have the blue Kirks premium soap?"
    Answer: Yes, we do sell the Kirks blue premium deodorant soap. It is in stock and can ship within one business day.

    Comment: Kirks soap is all vegetable oil, high glycerin and lathers generously in all kinds of water. The new premium clear high glycerin soaps come in the clear blue deodorant bar, the clear pink moisturizing bar and the clear white sensitive skin bar. Kirks also comes in the original coco-castile hard water soap and in liquid coco-castile soap. We started selling this soap after my late father could not find it in Western Pennsylvania grocery stores back in 1999. It used to be a Proctor and Gamble brand years after it was created and once more is a private brand now made by Grandpa's Soap in Kentucky. Several victims of Agent Orange poisoning shared with us that it is the only soap they can use without irritation.


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    Thursday, February 1, 2007

    Where to buy Kirks Hard Water Soaps?

    Q: "Where can we buy Kirks original Hardwater castile in San Diego, California? Please let me know as soon as you can. As the place that we use to buy it no longer is carrying the product."
    Answer: This is why Safe Home Products ships Kirks all over the USA and the world. Kirks was a Proctor and Gamble brand for years. When P & G sold off the brand, the shelf space went with it. Few stores stock it today.

    We sell the Kirks original, the liquid castille hardwater soap and the premium clear glycerin soaps in deodorant, moisturizing and sensitive skin bars.

    Contact us if you have more questions.

    Sincerely, Barbara


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    Monday, September 2, 2002

    Dull Streaked Laminated Wood Flooring

    Q: "Hi, I have laminated wood flooring (2 yrs old) & the shine is gone...the floors are dull & streaking What can I do? Thanks, Julie"

    Answer: Using oil-based cleaners or floor cleaning detergents can cause dull, streaked floors. Without knowing what products you have used, I don't know if the floors are coated with cleaners or damaged by cleaners.

    This is what I suggest you purchase:

    1. A Bona Kemi MicroPlus Floor Mop with two microfiber mop covers
    2. Bona Kemi Laminate Floor Cleaner
    3. Microplus Mop Dusting Cover.
    4. Optional: Bona Kemi Hard Surface Refresher and a Microplus Mop Refresher Application Pad.

    This is a terrific mop for all hard surfaced and wood floors. Two mop covers might be enough: depends upon the area to be cleaned. Extra ones let you always have clean ones to use. Bona's laminate/hard surface floor cleaner won't streak if you use it with the mop. This cleaner should remove any oil or detergent. Use the microfiber dusting cover in between moppings. All the covers are machine washable.

    If the floor remains dull or you have some worn areas, then apply the Bona Hard Surface refresher to restore gloss. You'll need the applicator for best results.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Sunday, October 28, 2001

    Which Dust Mop Covers are Best for My Needs?

    Q: "I wish to purchase a Sh-Mop and several accessories from your company. I would like more information about the Sh-Duster dusting covers and the microfiber mop covers. I have read and understand that one is a yarn-duster and the other is similar to a Swiffer, but what is the functional difference between the two? What aspect of these two items would make one a better choice than the other for a consumer? Thank you for your assistance with this. I look forward to a speedy reply because my dust bunnies are about to revolt. Thanks. Karen"

    Answer: The yellow duster cover is long strands of acrylic yarn that can get into corners. The Sh-Micro is more like a Swiffer as is the Bona full sized microfiber cover as they have a static charge as long as you don't use fabric softener. The cotton Sh-Duster won't attract as much of the finer grit but will wash cleaner as cotton lets go of dust and particles more easily than the acrylic.

    The cotton Sh-Duster works well wet if you have grooves in tile. You can use the Bona microfiber covers or the Sh-Micro cover wet or dry. Both are woven so they will move well across flooring if it is wet or dry.

    Comment from Customer: "Thanks for such a prompt reply! I think I will order the yarn mop for everyday collection of the dust-bunnies (actually, they are dust-beagles, and quite large) and get the micro-fiber cloth cover for thorough dust removal before damp mopping. Does this sound reasonable based on your experience? I have hardwood floors all over my house. I noticed the dustmop comes in both cotton and synthetic fibers. Is there a reason to select one over the other? Thanks again,Karen. P.S. I checked many sites and yours had the best prices by far. It was also one of the more professional-looking sites."

    Answer: As I mentioned before, I think the acrylic is better at grabbing the bunnies but the cotton will wash "out" better. For hardwood, I'd probably go with the acrylic.Thanks for the compliments. We try to have it be a practical user-friendly site. Barbara

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    Thursday, January 4, 2001

    Which Mop Do I Order?

    Q: "How many bottles of Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner come with the Sh-Mop kit (ES-SH-001-C)? I will be making a purchase from you but I need to know if I should order additional cleaner. Wendy "

    Answer: My suggestion: buy the starter kit (ES-SH-001) if you plan to use Bona regularly. The complete kit includes 3 cotton mop covers and one 8 oz bottle of Bona Kemi concentrate that makes 32 oz when diluted with distilled water. Buy the starter kit, the covers you need and 8 bottles of Bona Kemi concentrate or the Bona Kemi Hardwood Cleaner Bonus Kit which includes a 32 oz. spray bottle of cleaner, a pre-mixed gallon plus two microfiber cloths for cleaning up spills.

    If you prefer a narrow mop, choose or add the Bona Kemi Micro-Plus Mop Kit or the Ultimate Hardwood Floor Kit if you have some areas where the gloss needs refreshing.

    Sincerely, Barbara


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