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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choosing Between a WaterCop or a FloodStop for Protection Against Water Damage

Question: about the WaterCop and the Flood Stop

Q:"Does Safe Home Products have an opinion as to the comparison between Water Cop and Flood Stop? I've read the product guides and understand the product's features. Which is more reliable or has the best track record? Thanks, David S"

Answer: Your decision needs to be made upon these factors:

1. What do you want to protect? A single appliance or several appliances? Floodstop makes single water appliance units for water heaters, washing machines, sinks, icemakers, etc.
2. What do you want to spend? A Floodstop unit currently sells for well under $200. Most sizes of the package of a WaterCop valve, actuator and 3 moisture sensors sells for under $550 at this time.
3. Are you hiring a plumber or are you doing the installation yourself? Many do-it-yourself persons can install the WaterCop themselves.
4. Have you a need to shut off all the water in your home with a single push of a button or remote wall switch? Remember that if a WaterHound moisture sensor alarm is activated, you will know by two ways, no water anywhere within that zone and a 65 decibel alarm.

Operational problems are extremely rare with either device. If you do not activate either devices at least every 30 days, you may have problems with the ball valve turning easily depending upon what kinds of minerals you have in your water.

If you have only one appliance to protect and it is, for example, a washing machine, the Floodstop is easily installed without the expense of a plumber. If you want to protect several appliances (as I did), the plumber is well worth the expense as is the additional cost for a WaterCop as the basic system comes with the valve, the actuator and three water/moisture sensors. And you can always add additional sensors to the unit for other appliances. When you add the cost of 3 or 4 Floodstops, you soon can approximate the cost of a single watercop. You can also buy a dual probe moisture sensor for the WaterCop and install it as I had done, under the water dispensing fridge and at the water entry point as well.

On the other hand, in apartment buildings or condos where each unit has its own water heater, installing a Floodstop in the 3/4 inch valve size is quite cost effective as several of our plumber customers who specialize in condo and high rise apartment buildings have concluded. And if your main worry is your washing machine, installing one of the two Floodstop units the standard AM-FS34H-90 or the INLINE Washing Machine FloodStop FS3/4H is all you may need.
Add a pair of Floodchek washing machine hoses and you are as safe as a person with a washing machine can be.

The Watercop is made by one of the nation's oldest and most respected ball valve manufacturers (USA Made). These brass ball valves are used in industrial applications. The Watercop is a recent (past 6 or 8 years) products.

The Floodstop is made in China or a similar place. The ball valve is high quality but made to commercial standards like those made by Dynaquip whose ball valves are used primarily in applications with chemicals.

I hope this helped to answer your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Grip On Anti-Slip Solution Makes Concrete, Tile, Etc. Slip Resistant, Not for Hands

Question about the product 16 oz. Bottle Grip On Anti-Slip Solution SS0016

Q: "Can this be used on fingers/hands?" Carl
Answer: No, Grip-On is not for use on hands. To apply it to ceramic tile, concrete, marble, etc. to increase the coefficient of resistance to slipping, skidding, etc. , you should wear rubber gloves or be careful not to get the product on your hands.

Below is information from the Material Data Safety Sheet:

  • Chemical Name: Hydroxy Acetic Acid.
  • Physical State: Clear yellow, mild odor.
  • pH: 7.6.
  • Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. Wear rubber gloves. Use in ventilated area. Can be fatal if swallowed. Do not use on wood, vinyls or plastics.

  • Our feedback on this product has been completely positive. Applying the solution to my bathroom ceramic tile took only minutes. Since the product is clear and invisible after application, you don't have to worry about applying it "perfectly." I applied it over 3 years ago. It is great to get out of the shower or tub and not worry about hydroplaning with my wet feet.

    Thank you for your question.
    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Remote Switches and Back-Up Power for a WaterCop Automatic Water Valve Alarm Shut-Off System

    Question about the product Product Code:WaterCop 3/4 Inch Electric Ball Valve, 3 Flood Sensors WVA-075.

    Q: "Can more than one remote switch be installed to turn each Water Cop valve on and off. If there is a power failure does it remain in the on position if that is how it was set or is it able to shut off in the event of power failure? " Thanks. Don Smith

    Answer: With a splitter, each WaterCop can be controlled with up to two remote wall switches. If the power fails, the WaterCop remains in the operating position at the time the power failed.

    Your options are to remove the actuator and use a wrench to turn the valve on or off.

    Or you can install a UPS battery back-up unit. The manufacturer recommends the APC Model BE500R or its equivalent. That unit provides between 50 and 72 hours of power to the WaterCop with sufficient power to turn the valve once at the completion of your test.

    If you plan to use a back-up power supply, use only batteries in the moisture sensor units (Water Hounds) as the sensors send a radio signal to the WaterCop actuator. Batteries typically last at least one year.

    The manufacturer recommends that the Water Cop be activated at least once per month, i.e. press the red button to turn off the water and the green button to turn the water back on. That way you are sure the valve moves easily when you need it to open or close.

    Thank you for your question. I've had a WaterCop for over 7 years. Other than turning off and on the water for the plumber when he installed new faucets (and a shut off for my bathtub), I've never needed its protection, only its convenience! I have sensors under my water dispensing/ice making fridge, my dishwasher and sink and next to the washer, hot water heater, main sewer drain, water softener and A/C drain. I sleep quite well every night.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Accident Prevention with Yellow Safety Padding Products

    Question about yellow safety padding products.

    Q: "Parts of our warehouse are dimly lit. It is easy to knock against sharp edges of shelving units. There are also supportive poles. What products do you suggest we use to reduce bumps, bruises and other injuries?" Thanks. Tom

    Answer: We suggest you safety proof with bright yellow safety padding products. Although we've had several manufacturers use grey safety padding for machinery edges, the yellow is more visible in all lighting and tends to catch one's attention. Schools and day care centers often use the yellow or other vibrant colors such as sky blue, green, etc.

    These products are all UV protected, fire resistant or retardant, etc.
    I recommend that you make a list of the dangerous areas you want to protect and email it to us. We can then send you a quotation on the best ways to protect your employees.
    Thanks for your question.
    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Consumer Reports Highly Rates Topple Stops for Securing Furniture to Wall Studs

    Question about Safety Straps and Topple Stops for earthquake safety.

    Q: "The recent earthquakes have me worried because I live in California in a home built to the latest earthquake standards. (Actually, there are tremors in Alaska, Hawaii, etc., too.) It is time to protect against falling furniture and TVs since I believe my walls will remain standing. I also have small children who are climbers. Please explain what you sell that would help me. Thanks." Mary.

    Answer: Topple Stops were recommended by Consumer Reports to stabilize furnishings to increase home safety. These fastener kits let you keep furnishings from toppling by securing them to wall studs. Then use Safety Straps to secure objects on the bookcases or furniture to the furnishings now protected from toppling over. Safety straps come in white or black.

    First, determine how many fastener sets you need by number of appliances or furniture you want to secure to the wall studs, keeping in mind the weight. For example, use two sets for appliances and furniture up to 400 pounds. Keep in mind that a combination of Topple Stops and Safety Straps is needed to secure a TV set to a TV stand which then is secured to a wall stud.

    Each Topple Stop Kit Contains 2 Topple Stops Each of Which Includes:

    * Two (2) grey thumb lock fasteners, 2" long by one wide with 3/4" lock lever. Use with wood screws or 3M VHB adhesive attachment. (Bonding Times: Wait four hours before adding strap. Adhesive fully bonds after 72 hours.)
    * Two (2) 12" long, 3/4" wide grey locking strap with grommet for wood screw attachment.
    * Four (4) #8 x 1" wood screws for furniture attachment
    * Two (2) #10 x 2" wood screws for wood wall stud attachment.

    Thumb lock fastener attaches to locking strap. Fastener can be moved and locked in either direction on the strap. Lift locking lever to "open." Lock fastener on strap by pushing lever down firmly. Note: Thumb Lock adhesive is non-hardening. Fasteners can be removed without damaging surface if slowly and gently pried off with appropriate tool.

    The Safety Straps come in a kit that contains 4 buckles and 2 locking straps. The choices are black or white. To use, peel and press adhesive square in place. You'll get four (4) white buckles (2" x 2") and two (2) 5" white locking straps(5/8" wide). Bonding time: Four hours to set adhesive for buckle before adding strap. Full bonding after 72 hours. Use 2 Safety Straps for "low profile" equipment up to 50 lb. Use 4 Safety Straps for heavier weight and top heavy items up to 100 lbs.

    Do remember your family emergency kit as well with flashlights, food bars, water, etc.

    Thanks for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Sensaphone Web600 Remote Monitor Uses Internet

    Question about Sensaphone remote temperature monitors that do not need hard wired telephone lines.

    Q: "I've looked at your Temperature Guard Monitor for several years. I am now free to travel since I retired. I want to protect my home from furnace or air conditioner failures. But that monitor requires a land-based phone line and I don't have that anymore. (I discontinued my telephone land line and now use a VOIP,voice over internet phone.)Do you have a remote temperature monitor that does not need a land telephone line? I have high speed internet access." Thanks. Tom

    Answer: Sensaphone just released a new product,the Sensaphone Web600. This is a compact web-based remote monitor that has an optional battery back-up for when power fails.

    The Web600's compact case measures 4.5 inches by 3.25 inches by 1.5 inches. There are 6 available zone inputs. A battery back-up unit (not included) plugs into the left side of the unit. Also there is an ethernet connection and a input for the 5V DC power adapter. There are two lights, a power and an alarm light on the top of the unit.

    Besides temperature monitoring, the Web600 can also read values from humidity sensors, air quality sensors, water leak detection sensors and much more. For example, if you are worried about your sump pump failing, install the Sensaphone Compatible Water Detection Sensor.

    Thanks for your question. Enjoy your travels and let the Sensaphone contact you or a neighbor or friend if something goes amiss at home.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Replacing an Evac-u8 Smoke Hood for Fire Safety in an Office

    Questions about the Safe Escape Smoke Hoods, 30 minute and 60 minute versions.

    Q: "My company has offices in a high rise office building. We checked expirations on our Evac-u8 smoke hoods, checked on line and realized these were recalled several years ago. We need to replace them. What do you suggest?" Thanks. Steve

    Answer: I recommend that first decide on 30 minutes or 60 minutes escape time and then on a hard or a soft case. Your 30 minute choices are the 30 minute hard case Safe Escape Smoke Hood or the 30 minute soft case Safe Escape Smoke Hood.
    Your 60 minute choices are the 60 minute hard case Safe Escape Smoke Hood or the 60 minute soft case Safe Escape Smoke Hood.

    We, too, were surprised when all Evac-u8 smoke hoods made during a 6 year time frame were recalled by Brookdale International, a Dupont company. We learned recently that the reason was that the units, which resembled a sealed transparent soda pop can, were leaking air which was causing the filters not to function properly.

    Once a privacy statement was signed by Brookdale, our customer list was given to them and they handled customer notification and recalls.

    The units we are selling currently are made in China by Safe Escape. These are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag so don't remove them for examination or they will not function properly when you need them.

    Please contact us with the number of fire hoods you need and we can quote price plus shipping costs. We typically stock several cases of each on site in Iowa.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Monday, February 2, 2009

    How to Order and Install Pole Padding for Child Proofing

    Question about ordering and installing protective pole padding for child safety.

    Q: "Our church basement has exposed support poles. We want to protect against injuries from children or adults accidently hitting or running into the poles. How do we measure and choose the correct padding?" Thanks. Janet

    Answer: All pole padding sold by Safe Home Products is dense, shock absorbent and UV resistant. We currently sell padding in yellow, red , black and tan . The pole pads flex but have minimal "stretch" due to the density: thickness is 11/16 or nearly 3/4 inch. If you flatten out a piece of padding, the approximate interior length across the pad is 9 inches while the height is 48 inches. The interior dimension is just over 2 inches (2 1/8 inches )in diameter. The exterior dimension is 3.5 inches in diameter. The interior dimension determines how many pieces must be put on a pole to cover the pole's circumference.

    How to Determine How Many Pole Pads to Order:

    1. Equipment Needed: a metal measuring tape and a tailor's measuring tape.

    2. How High Do You Want to Cover? Use a metal measuring tape to decide how tall your pole is and whether a 48 inch length is tall enough to meet your needs.

    3. How Many Pole Pads Are Needed to Cover the Circumference of the Pole? Use a tailor's measuring tape to measure the circumference (distance around the outside) of the pole.

    4. What is the Diameter of that Pole? Remember high school math? Note: Diameter equals the inches of circumference divided by 3.14. Example, pole circumference is 10 inches. Divide 10 by 3.14 and the answer is 3.18 inches. One pad will cover almost the entire circumference of this pole. For poles larger in diameter, you'll need 2 or more pads installed side by side around the pole.

    5. Is a Gap in Coverage Acceptable to You? If not. you may have to order additional pieces and cut strips to fill in the gap left once the pole padding is installed. A carpet knife and a straight edge can be used to cut the strips.

    6. How to Install: Separate the padding by cutting pad or pads along the precored cut. Open the pole padding piece/pieces to fit the pole. Then use heavy-duty cable ties (included) around the padding and pole to secure padding or apply permanently with glue such as Liquid Nails.

    Thank you for your questions. I hope this information has helped. Do send us email with your information and we can help confirm your choices.


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    Friday, November 21, 2008

    PEARL, The Home Fire Escape and Rescue Ladder in a Cabinet

    Question about the Pearl Protected Escape and Rescue Ladder.

    Q: "I read about the Pearl fire ladders. How difficult is it to install one? We live in a two story house. I want my family to be able to escape a fire. I am concerned about panic setting in and the kids not remembering the chain ladders are under the bed." Thanks Tom

    Answer: Installation is not that difficult. The PEARL ladder is a 23 foot 8 inch ladder for 2nd and 3rd story homes or buildings. The PEARL is housed in a cabinet mounted between wall studs in a hallway, bedroom or other room. Usually the ladder is mounted under a window. Studs must be 16 inches center to center with a finished wall space equal to the dimensions of the cabinet. If you do not have 14 inches of wall space, you may notch out part of the molding (window apron and/or baseboard) to make room for proper installation.

    We recommend professional installation. If you are handy, DIY installation takes about an hour. The easiest time to install is when a home is being constructed or remodeled.

    You can use this ladder for up to a 3 story installation. The primed cabinet can be painted to match the wall The cabinet dimensions are 14" high x 16.5" wide with an access door of 13.5" x 15.25".

    # Anti-slip rungs: Spaced 14" apart, stand offs on each rung. Fingers and toes have ample room for climbing.
    # Ladder Rungs: Extruded aluminum ladder rungs (6061, T6). Lightweight, strong and durable.
    # High heat resistant Nylon webbing . Lightweight, stronger, tangle-free alternative to chain.
    # Load Capacity: 1500 pound maximum.

    Repacking this ladder is not something we recommend. so don't try to rehearse fire drills with it! Children can deploy it much easier than a portable chain ladder as PEARL weighs less and is easier to get out the window.

    I do recommend two PEARL ladders minimum per second floor and above. You need more than one escape route besides your stairs.

    Thanks for your question.
    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Sensaphone Magnetic Reed Switch Monitors Doors and Windows

    Question about the Product: FGD-0006 Magnetic Reed Switch

    Q: "I own several convenience stores that accept delivery at the rear of the store. I want to install these switches on the rear doors and on the front doors into each store so that my clerks know when the doors are opened. Is this switch normally closed? Or normally open? Does the magnet hold it open? Thanks, Basil"

    Answer: Yes, this switch will meet your needs for monitoring doors. In combination with a Sensaphone system, you'd have all the monitoring capabilities you'd even need without paying for an alarm monitoring service.

    My Sensaphone sales rep sent me this response. "The magnetic reed switch monitors the opening and closing of doors. So, this sensor can be configured as normally open or normally closed dependent upon whether the customer wants to monitor the door opening or closing."

    From the spec sheet, I also gleaned the following.
    Description: The magnetic reed switch may be used with all Sensaphone models to detect any unauthorized entry or intrusion. They are usually installed on doors and windows to detect their opening and closing. Several magnetic reed switches may be
    wired in series.

    Each FGD-006 package contains:
    (1) Sensor
    (1) Spacer
    (1) Sensor Casing
    (1) Magnet
    (4) Mounting Screws
    (1) Installation Instructions

    Part w/ screw terminals: 2.5 inches x .75 inches x .5 inches
    Part w/ magnet: 2.5 inches x .75 inches x about .75 inches
    Housing: White plastic

    Thank you for your questions.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Reducing Playground Injuries with Padding

    Questions about child proofing playground equipment.

    Q: "I am in charge of maintenance for a small chain of preschool/day care centers. we've used ground tires as mulch under our playground equipment to reduce injuries. We are now looking for protective padding for the swing set poles, soccer goal posts and other playground equipment to reduce bruises and other injuries. I see that you have pole padding and edge cushioning. How would we install these products?

    Answer: Thanks to customers like you and a responsive child safety company, we now sell protective padding for poles as well as the wider edge cushioning. The pole padding comes in lengths of 48 inches and fits poles up to 3.5 inches in diameter. You can use two back to back for larger poles.The most popular color right now is the yellow padding. You can install this cushioning by using wire ties or using a glue such as Liquid Nails.

    Pole Padding Specifications:
    • Tough, UV resistant exterior.
    • Child safe dense padding.
    • Superior shock absorbancy.
    • Available colors: Bright Red (BR), Bright Yellow (BY), Black (BK), and Tan (TN).
    • Interior Dimensions: 2 1/8" diameter.
    • Exterior Dimensions: 3 1/2" diameter.
    • Thickness: 11/16".
    • 48" sticks.
    For playground equipment with 90 degree corners or long straight stretches, we sell 54 inch long sticks of lab tested fire resistant padding that is non-toxic and is 2 3/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches. The more popular colors are the brown hearth guard, the taupe hearth guard,, and the black hearth guard . We also sell gray and ivory. If you need corners, we sell those individually or in combination with sticks. For outside use, Liquid Nails or a similar adhesive works best.

    Please send us photos of equipment and dimensions so we can assist in your safety proofing. Thanks for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    What powers the ThermoHawk 630 & how does it work?

    Question about the product: the ThermoHawk 630 thermometer.
    Q:"What type of batteries does it use? How does it work?"

    The ThermoHawk 630 uses 9V batteries. This is a professional infrared thermometer for use in manufacturing plants, checking out HVAC systems or electrical equipment troubleshooting. Hand held, the ThermoHawk 630 lets you check the surface temperature of almost any object from as much as 8 inches distance. Auto mechanics, scientists conducting experiments, electricians testing terminals on circuits and others needing to know operation temperatures between 0~50°C(32~122℉) find this device very useful. Check for leakage around pipes going into your home or uninsulated heating ducts. You can do your own energy audit or check the surface temperature on your refrigerator shelves.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your question.


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    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Will GripOn Stain Concrete in a Shower?

    Question about the product Product Code: =SS0004, Name : 4 Oz. Bottle Grip On Anti-Slip Solution

    Q:" I am staining the concrete in my outside shower and then want to seal with a water based sealer. Will your product discolor or harm the stain? How long do I wait to treat with your product?

    Answer: Grip On will not discolor or harm the stain. Wait about 24 hours after you stain the floor to treat the surface. That way the surface will be thoroughly dry. The 4 ounce bottle of Grip On® Anti-Slip Solution treats 12 square feet.

    GripOn is a colorless solution that does not change the appearance of the granite, ceramic or other surfaces on which it is applied. Application is simple. Wash and rinse the surface thoroughly and spread on the Grip On with a clean mop or cloth. Since it is invisible, don't worry about spreading it right to the edges where no one will walk. Let it dry. The coefficient of resistance is increased 100% to 500%.

    We also sell Grip On in gallon containers that treat up to 400 square feet of surface and in 5 gallon containers that treat up to 2000 square feet of hard surfaces.

    Thanks again for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Friday, February 15, 2008

    What does the Sergeant mean for the WaterCop?

    Q: What does the word "SERGEANT" in the description refer to for the WaterCop 3/4 inch 3 Water Hounds (Sergeant) model as compared to the others (WaterCop products) you show that don't have this term?

    Answer: In about 2005, DynaQuip, the manufacturer of the WaterCop device, set up packaged combinations of WaterCop valves, motorized actuators, moisture sensors, remote shut-off device, freeze alarm, etc. for its resellers. DynaQuip designated the units in military terms such as Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc.

    Safe Home Products began selling WaterCops many years before these "packages" were put together. Since other on-line resellers frequently refer to the WaterCops with 3 WaterHounds as Sergeant packages, we added the Sergeant to our title. Our pricing for components is quite competitive. Since we stock the separate components in our Iowa warehouse, we decided not to purchase the other combinations pre-packaged but let our customers decide how many and what additional components to purchase.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the WaterCop device, this is a whole house or zoned water shut off full port ball valve with actuator that responds to radio signals from moisture sensors (WaterHounds) or freeze alert sensors (FreezeHounds). Water is shut off almost instantly when sensors are activated plus an alarm sounds at that sensor. The sensors can be AC powered or battery powered. The moisture sensors come with a single probe or two probes connected to one radio device. The sensors are installed under water dispensing refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, etc.

    Thanks again for your question. Please contact us if you need more information.


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    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Operation of a WaterCop Motorized Actuator When the Power Fails

    Q regarding a WaterCop Motorized Actuator with 3/4 Inch Valve (SM-WVA-075): "I would like to use the WaterCop to shut off water flow to my home when I am going to be away. My plan is to install a remote wall switch near my back door.
    • Should the power fail, what is the un-powered condition of this valve?
    • In other words, does this valve automatically close when the power fails?
    • Or, does the valve stay in whatever condition it was in when the power failed? Thank you"
    Answer: The 3/4 inch brass ball valve remains in the same position (open or closed) as it was in when the power shuts off. So, if the valve was open, it remains open. If the valve is in a closed position, unscrew the actuator (4 screws) and use a wrench to open the water valve. Plug in the actuator when the power is restored and push the green button. Then reinstall the actuator to the valve platform. Remember if you want to use the WaterCop actuator as an automatic water shut off valve that responds to water leaks, you can buy the WaterHound moisture sensors separately. Just make sure the sensors and the actuator have the same "code" set.

    Feel free to contact us if you have other questions about our products.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    Removal of Black Equipment Safety Straps

    Q: "Is it possible to remove the adhesive and straps if the appliance needs to be moved?" (Re: SF-PU-01111-2, Two Packages of Black Equipment Safety Straps)

    Answer: Yes, the adhesive and the safety straps (both black and white types) are removable. No solvent is required.
    Removal Instructions:
    • Place a business card or piece of plastic under a tack remover or similar tool to reduce scratching.
    • Insert the tip of the tool under the edge of the fastener and apply upward pressure. (Do not pry.) The edge of the fastener will begin to lift in 5 to 10 seconds.
    • As the edge lifts, insert the tool farther and continue to apply lifting pressure.
    • Remove the fastener by hand when the edge is high enough.
    • Remove any additional adhesive by dabbing it with the adhesive on the fastener. If a large piece remain, remove it by pulling, not by rubbing. The adhesive will not leave a surface residue.
    Please contact us if you have further questions.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Monday, July 23, 2007

    Treating Slippery Floors to Avoid Falls

    Q: "Could you tell me if the 4 oz. bottle of Grip On Anti-Slip Solution is used by itself? How much area will one bottle cover? How long does it stay effective? Thanks. "

    Answer: Yes, you use the solution without other chemicals. All you need is a clean, rinsed floor prior to use. Coverage is about 12 square feet per 4 oz bottle. We also sell Grip On in a gallon size to treat about 400 sq. feet and in 5 gallon buckets each of which treats 2000 sq. ft. of ceramic tile, concrete, etc. Effectiveness is about 2 years for bath and shower areas and about one year for traffic areas such as walkways in malls, etc.

    To apply Grip On:

    • Clean and rinse the area.
    • Pour Grip On onto the surface
    • Mop or sponge the area liberally
    • Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes
    • Rinse with clear water
    • Area is now ready to use.
    Do not wax after application. Use mop and detergent, BonaKemi hard surface cleaner, etc. The Coefficient of Friction (CEF) is increased by 100% to 500% after treatment.

    I used Grip On to treat the ceramic tile floor in my bathroom. It was much easier than I thought. Remember this is invisible so you can apply it only to the walk way areas. It was on and dry in less than 40 minutes. Now when I get out of the shower or tub, my wet feet don't slide on the tile. It is almost like I have a skid resistant coating on my feet rather than the floor. The water may pool out around each foot but there is no slick sliding feeling. Truly I feel much safer. When I try to slide forward, I don't.

    Feel free to contact us for more information.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Monday, July 9, 2007

    About Sliding Door Child Safety Outlet Covers

    Q:"Do you sell any non-grounded Decora style sliding door outlet covers?"
    Answer: No, we only sell 2 prong sliding door outlet covers in the standard, ungrounded style style.
    Comment from Customer: "A grounded outlet has three prongs, two "knife" blade ones of two lengths and a rounded grouping prong. So do you have ungrounded or not?"
    Answer: The only ungrounded outlet covers we sell are the ones that work only on standard outlets with two oval outlets with two plug slots. The Decora style have the two plug outlets in a rectangular shape and have the grounding hole as well.

    Comment: The Carecover sliding door outlet covers we sell are the originals, made in the USA. They are only available in duplex covers for a set of two outlets. Each outlet is covered by a spring loaded sliding door that remains closed until an electrical device is plugged in. Each cover also has a foam strip around the outside. Both the doors and the foam keep air from leaking in or out around the outlet, saving energy as well as fingers from shocks. Color choices: white, off-white (cream), ivory (almond), brown and red in the standard 3 prong. Decora and 2 prong are available in white, ivory and brown.

    If you have other questions, please contact us.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Sunday, July 1, 2007

    Buying Lengths of Hearth Guard Padding

    Q: " Hi, I just ordered 19 feet of this product (SF-KEPA-BR, Per Linear Foot, Brown Hearth Pad with Adhesive Tape). Just as I paid for it, it crossed my mind that it might come as 19 individual pieces and 19 continuous feet. Could you please check and let me know? Thanks!"
    Answer: You will receive 19 continuous feet.

    Q: "Hi, me again. I am sorry to be annoying. But, can you cut off the pieces to fit specific areas?"
    Answer: Yes, you can cut this with an exacto knife or sharp scissors. Then you can glue pieces together using glue you would use on PVC pipe.

    Comment: We sell Hearth Guard padding both by the foot, by the corner and in kits with a metal frame or without a metal frame. Colors include taupe, black, gray, ivory or brown. Customers sometimes use the padding for other safety reasons such as padding the sharp edge of a low doorway, in warehouses or on playground equipment. We also sell a narrower 1 inch padding for table edges, etc. in black, brown, gray, yellow and ivory in lengths beginning at 12 feet. Matching corners are available.

    Please contact us if you have more questions.
    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Sunday, September 26, 2004

    Using a QuickEscape ladder from a deck overhang

    Q: "Hi there, Would the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder 12 feet or the 20 feet ladder work from a deck overhang? I am looking for a means of escape from my deck - something I can hook over the railing and climb down - I noticed the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder has some sort of extensions (stand off's?) on each rung to rest on the house (probably for sturdiness) would this ladder work if there were nothing for those extensions to rest against? and would kids feel apprehensive climbing down it? Cindy "

    Answer: This is a flexible chain ladder so these are some of the variables:
    • The deck railing/window sill must be thick enough so the hooks grip it. Otherwise there is nothing for the top to push against for stability.
    • To be safe, the stand-offs must brace against the house. Otherwise, the ladder dangles dangerously and is likely to swing in the air. Stand-offs both add stability as a person descends and allow for toe room between the ladder and the house.
    • Stand-offs can be removed or adjusted to allow for climbing over obstructions, etc.

    If there was a wall against which the ladder could rest, your kids probably would use the ladder in an emergency. Otherwise, it would be scary and dangerous.

    Are there windows nearby that have the necessary sill thickness against which the ladder hooks can brace?

    Please contact us if you have additional questions.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Friday, May 2, 2003

    Childproofing Slider Windows

    Q: "We have large, sliding windows. One side of each window slides horizontally. The inside measurement (ie, the actual "screen" itself - this measurement does not include any window framing, etc) of the screens are: 61" high, 30" wide. I want to be sure to purchase the correct window guard. Do we have to cover the entire opening of the screen? That seems excessive to me. I was thinking that the guard would need to come up as high as a standard safety gate would - but maybe I am wrong. Please let me know if you have what we need. Sincerely, Kimberly"

    Dear Kimberly,

    To childproof a slider window or a casement (wind out) window, the only safe way is to cover the entire window opening with one or more vertically mounted guards spaced side by side with a 4 inch or less space between them. Yes, this means the guard looks like prison bars. Otherwise a child could use a horizontally installed guard as a ladder and climb over the guard and fall out. In order to slide both sides of your window, you will need to stack guards side by side to cover the entire window. To determine the size that you need, please go to our window guard sizing and selection page.

    There was a sad situation in New Jersey a few months back. A child fell OVER a horizontally mounted window guard through the screen. It was a slider window. I was contacted by a man who was going to testify about this tragedy. Horizontal window guards are made for single hung or double hung windows: a window stop can be used to stop that window from opening above the guard so the child cannot climb over. Sometimes, parents will protect the entire window if it is next to a bed or sofa where a child might fall against the window and break the glass.

    Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or want to childproof a number of windows in your home.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Tuesday, March 19, 2002

    Learning Propane and Carbon Monoxide Levels in a Home

    Q: Hello Barbara,

    I am interested in knowing the level of propane, methane, and CO in my
    home. We burn propane and wood as fuel for heat, and are having some
    health problems that may be related. Do you have or know of such

    Please advise.

    Answer: Dear Al,

    Safe Home Products does not sell home monitors with digital readouts to tell you the exact levels. Most communities have home testing companies with sophisticated equipment to test your home over a period of days.

    We do sell 120VAC carbon monoxide alarms by Safe-T-Alert and 9V battery operated carbon monoxide alarms and 12V hard wired security system carbon monoxide alarms by Costar that will alert you to carbon monoxide levels that are dangerous. Carbon monoxide can cause health problems as well as asphyxiation by suffocation. We also sell propane and natural gas alarms by three manufacturers, Safe-T-Alert, Safety Siren and GasAware that will alert you to raw gas leaks before levels reach those where explosions or fire will occur. If you are worried about gas leaks from your furnace or other appliance, we also sell gas leak detectors with automatic shut off valves by CCI Controls.

    We do recommend that you have your propane using appliances checked at least once a year by a professional and contact your propane supplier if you suspect a raw gas leak inside or outside your home. Remember our mission statement is "A Safer Life Starts Here."


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    Friday, October 13, 2000

    Coverage area and locations for gas alarms

    Q: "I just purchased & received two testers from Safe Home Products and I have a question. I have one of them in my basement which is approximately 1700 sq.feet. Will the tester detect any gas in that area or just a small area around the tester? Also, I only have outlets near the ground, will gas by the ceiling be detected? Thank you.Deb "

    Answer: Deb, I looked up your order. I see that you purchased a Safe-T-Alert 40-411 gas alarm and a Safety Siren Combination CO and Combustible gas alarm.

    1. Both monitors have combustible gas sensors.
    2. Your basement is too large for either one or both units to detect gas laks in the entire area of 1700 square feet.
    3. The placement of the gas alarms depends upon whether your gas supply is from natural gas or propane gas.
    4. For detecting a propane leak, the unit must be mounted both near the floor and near the propane using appliance.
    5. For detecting a natural gas leak, the unit must be mounted near the ceiling and near the natural gas using appliance.
    6. Proper installation of the direct plug in unit may require using an extension cord or installing an electrical outlet in the proper place.

    I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to contact us for more information.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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