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Monday, March 9, 2009

Fitting a Child Gate or Pet Gate to a Wider Doorway

Question about the JPMA and Consumer Products Safety Commission approved Cardinal Gates: Metal Pressure Gate, Duragate MB-25, Stairway Special Gate SS-30A Clear Plastic and Metal Gate CP-30 and Auto-Close Self-Locking Safety Gate MG-15B.

Q: " How do I choose the correct gate for the wider doorways in my home? I have dogs and babies who need separation. I'm not sure which gate to buy." Thanks. Janet

Answer: I recommend these actions:

  1. Accurately measure the actual door way openings with a metal retractable tape.
  2. Look at the maximum doorway fit of each gate without an extension.
  3. Decide whether you want a gate that permanently mounts, one that can accept height extensions to keep larger dogs in or out of rooms, etc. Several different gates may meet your specs.
  4. Subtract the gate maximum width from the doorway opening.
  5. Choose 1 or more width extensions, 10.5 inches and 21.75 inches to fill in that missing space for the Duragate, the Stairway Special and the Auto-Close Gates. For the metal pressure gate, there are 5 inch and 10.25 inch extensions.

For example, if your door opening is 52 inches:

  • The steel Duragate fits a maximum opening of 41.5 inches. Subtract the gate from the opening and your distance left is 10.5 inches. The SF-BX-1WH is a 10.5 inch extension for 41.5" to 54" openings. Choose one of this extension.
  • The white self-locking baby gate MG-15B fits a maximum opening of 40.5 inches. There is an 11.5 inch gap which means you would need the wider extension 21.75 inch Extension SF-BX-2WH for 0penings 51 inches to 61.75 inches.

If your doorway opening is 72 inches:

  • All Steel Duragate: Your distance left is 30.5 inches. Subtract 41.5 inches from the 72 inch opening. Now subtract 21.75 from the remainder. You have 8.75 inches left. So you need one of the BX-1 and one of the BX-2. I also recommend a T-Bar support.
  • Auto Close Aluminum Gate MG-15B: Your distance left is 31.5 inches. Subtract 40.5 inches from 72 inches. Then subtract 21.75 from the 31.5. You still need one each of the extensions plus a support.

Gates are not recommended for children over 24 months old.

If you need help, please email us at with your measurements, color preference, gate preference (pressure, clear, steel, autoclose, stairway, etc.). We'll send you our recommendations and you can order on line or phone us.

Thanks again for your question. Sincerely, Barbara

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How High a Gate to Separate a Great Pyrenees & Irish Wolfhound?

Question about the product Product Code: SF-MG-25-TPX-T -Taupe Duragate Metal Pet Gate with Height Extension

Q:"I have a great pyrenees and an irish wolfhound. One weighs 100 lbs; the other weighs 140 lbs. They need to be separated for a while in the house. Iwill need to put the gate in a doorway that does not have a door attached. Do I really need the extra 8 inches since I will raise the gate 4 inches above ground giving me a total height of 42 inches. Am i correct?"

Answer: The MG-25-TPX-T does include the 8 inch height extension. This is a height of 29.5 inches plus 8 inches plus 4 inches equals 41.5 inches. See the installation guide on the webpage for specifics. As long as you have studs on both sides of the doorway, the installation should be fast. Answering the extension question is a bit more complicated.

The questions you must answer are how high can each of your dogs jump? Once you answer that question, then choose either the MG-25 in taupe, the MG-25-TPX-T or the MG-25-TPX-T with the additonal 8 inch extension.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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