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Solar and Battery Powered Molechaser Stakes and Organic Repellents for Yard Moles

by Barbara 5. July 2007 08:58

Q: "Now in my 3rd summer of using a black polycarbonate battery powered P3 International molechaser stake in my garden. I have been very pleased with the results although now it seems the gophers may be getting used to it and no longer are repelled. I am thinking of buying a second unit. Do you have other suggestions?" Ken

Answer: Multiple units are always good. You may want to get the Supersonic Molechaser to add to the Vibrasonic molechaser as it makes a noise rather than vibrating. It also helps to move the stakes around a bit. Hope this helps.

Comment from Customer: "Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. Based upon the information you sent, I have ordered a "supersonic" from your company. Thanks again, Ken."

Comment from Barbara: We sell several mole chaser products. These are also helpful in getting rid of gophers and voles. Gophers are more difficult to chase away as, once established, they have an elaborate network of tunnels under the ground while moles stay near the top where they can eat grubs.

Some suggestions to get rid of moles:

  • Install molechaser stakes. Multiple units work best especially if your soil is mostly clay and rocks or mostly sand. Sound is contained in a smaller area and more intense in heavy soil and is dispersed farther and is less intense in sandy ones. We sell green PVC plastic ones, vibrasonic molechasers, solar mole chaser stakes and supersonic molechasers.
  • Spray grass with Scoot Mole.
  • Use grub control granules in mid summer.
  • July 17, 2009 Note: MoleScram is a granular product we've sold now for almost 2 years with great reports from our customers. This application of mole chaser lasts about 3 months. This is fast to apply: use a lawn fertilizer spreader, rather than dragging hundreds of feet of hose behind you as with Scoot Mole liquid. Treat one half of your yard on Day 1 and half on Day 2. Water in well or apply before a storm. You'll move the moles back out of your yard!
  • A new and popular addition to the mole stake line are the Smart Solar Mole Chasers. Customers in sunny regions love these vibrating mole chaser stakes for two reasons. First, installation is easier than with the P3 International solar mole stake. which has to be buried after digging a hole. First, make sure the ground is soft through watering. Next, take the bottom half of the stake and pound it into the ground using a board and mallet (hitting the board). Connect the electric connections to the solar panel, put on the top and the unit begins to charge and operate.Smart Solar also advertises mouse control in your yard as a bonus.
  • The Transonic Electronic Mole & Gopher Chaser Solar Stake is a new unit by Bird X that is solar powered, vibrates and buzzes every 20 seconds plus flashes a downward light every five seconds. Coverage is up to 1/6 of an acre.

Good luck with your gardens and grass.

Sincerely, Barbara