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Where Can You Use a Neck Support Cushion?

by Barbara 9. July 2007 08:40

Q: "Will the CA-232 Auto Neck Support Cushion with Headrest Strap work on an office chair?"

Answer: You can use this neck cushion with any chair just by placing it behind your head. However, it works best when you use the support strap to keep it in place.
Customer Response: "Thank you for your very prompt reply. Now I shall go ahead and order the item."

Note: Since this was answered, we've added a memory foam neck support pillow covered in navy or tan velour with a two piece velcro connected adjustable headrest strap. This is great for those with neck problems who cannot fit their orthopedic pillow into their suitcase. Use this under your neck for support while you travel. The cushion our customer refers to is a white fleece polyester filled neck pillow. I personally travel with the tan memory foam cushion and a brightly colored pillow case. I used the neck support pillow directly under my neck when I sleep with my head resting on whatever thin (usually) pillow the cruise ship or motel provides me. The pillow also pads my C-PAP machine in my carry on bag

Thanks for the question.

Sincerely, Barbara