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Operation of a WaterCop Motorized Actuator When the Power Fails

by Barbara 11. January 2008 05:16

Q regarding a WaterCop Motorized Actuator with 3/4 Inch Valve: "I would like to use the WaterCop to shut off water flow to my home when I am going to be away. My plan is to install a remote wall switch near my back door.

  • Should the power fail, what is the un-powered condition of this valve?
  • In other words, does this valve automatically close when the power fails?
  • Or, does the valve stay in whatever condition it was in when the power failed? Thank you"

Answer: The 3/4 inch low lead brass ball valve remains in the same position (open or closed) as it was in when the power shuts off. So, if the valve was open, it remains open. If the valve is in a closed position, unscrew the actuator (4 screws) and use a wrench to open the water valve. Plug in the actuator when the power is restored and push the green button. Then reinstall the actuator to the valve platform. Remember if you want to use the WaterCop actuator as an automatic water shut off valve that responds to water leaks, you can buy the WaterHound moisture sensors separately. Just make sure the sensors and the actuator have the same "code" set.

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Sincerely, Barbara


1/15/2008 3:14:00 AM #

Barbara --

I'm not sure how much electrical current is required to close the valve, but perhaps a small, uninterruptible power supply would be a wise investment. This would ensure that the WaterCop functioned during a power outage, depending of course on how long the outage lasted.

Jim in clearwater

1/3/2009 6:17:00 AM #

A small, inexpensive UPS is exactly what is needed.  The power draw is minimal and only needs to power the switch for a few seconds.  OfficeMax, Staples or Office Depot would have a perfect choice.  If you have a security system, you could also link it using a relay and treat the WaterCop as a zone.  Your security company would be able to call you if the valve closes (it detected a leak!).

Eric Schoutens