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What is the Size of the Pill Stacker?

by Barbara 15. January 2008 07:10

Question about the MEDport Pill Case Stacker, Medication Organizer.

Q:"Are these really 2 inches in diameter? That seems awfully large, especially compared to the picture of the pills they contain. I am looking for really large and want to make sure. Would buy several sets."

Answer: Yes, I personally measured them to be sure.

  • Section dimensions: 2" diameter x 1" high.
  • Stacked Dimensions: 2" x 5.5" high.

The stacked dimension is 5.5 inches due to the two pill case lids. With two lids, you can take one section in your handbag or briefbase if you need medication during the day. The lids screw on tight.

What I did for my 86 year old mother was to put labels on 7 of the pill boxes, Monday through Sunday. (This meant I had to buy two packages as they come 5 to a pack.) This was a simple way to keep her medication in order without concern about pills spilling out. She just moves the top container to the bottom and refills at the end of each week. The MedReady Basic Pill Dispenser is the only pill box that we sell that has similar sized containers. Each pill compartment is 1" x 1/2" x 3/4" and there are 28 of them.

I like to use the pill stacker for travel as the containers won't spill. Each pill box case unit holds up to 10 vitamin sized tablets or 20 tablets.

Thanks for your question.