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Can I use this power inverter while driving?

by Barbara 21. January 2008 10:26

Question about the Xantrex XPower Digital Micro Inverter 400 Watts 813-0400-01.

Q: "I haven't read anywhere that this thing works while driving and if it does is the power drain on the vehicles battery less than if the car is turned off? Also is there any noticeable power drain to the vehicle while driving?

Answer: This 400 watt power inverter will operate while you are driving. The unit uses power from the 12V accessory plug and draws power from the car or truck battery. While you are driving, the alternator is constantly charging the battery so there is no noticeable power drain. When the vehicle is turned off, the vehicle battery powers the inverter.

This tiny 400 watt power inverter offers protection with an over-temperature shutdown, a low battery voltage shutdown (10.5 VDC and automatic reset), a high battery voltage shut down (15.5 VAC and automatic reset)and an overload shutdown.

This micro-inverter provides 320 watts continuous power with 700 watts surge. The battery drain with no AC load is a mere <0.25 amps DC (at 12 V input). The unit runs: Cell phone, camcorder, stereo, laptop computer, 20" TV/VCR combo, 27" TV.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again.