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Can I Use Bona Kemi Wood Floor Cleaner?

by Barbara 25. January 2008 10:57

Question about the 4 Oz. Bottle Bona Kemi Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate.

Q: "Hello is this recommended for a Mullican engineered wood flooring? thanks -dwright."

Answer: Yes, Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner is approved for use on Mullican engineered wood flooring.

Before cleaning your floors, please vacuum, sweep or use ar Sh-Duster to get sand and grit off before mopping. Wipe up spills with a microfiber cloth dampened in water or diluted Bona floor cleaner. Never use oil soaps or wax on your polyurethane finished floors.

At least once a month, clean your floors preferably with a Sh-Mop with soft cotton terry covers or microfiber covers. Spray on a small amount of floor cleaner. Never use a soaking wet mop on your flooring.

The advantages of Shmops is that the covers machine wash and dry. This means you never risk scratching floors with dirt or grit embedded in fibers. And you save money over disposable covers.

Thanks for your question. Enjoy your new floors.