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MedReady Medication Dispenser with Modem Operation

by Barbara 31. January 2008 07:41
Q: Regarding the MedReady with Flashing Light, Lower Frequency Alarm and Modem (HH-MR-P1550FLLF):
  • If the patient does not remove the medication when the alarm goes off, does the compartment stay open until the next alarm?
  • If the medications are not removed, how does the notification system work? I am getting the system for my mother.
  • Would I be called or emailed as well as her being reminded by the call?
  • Yes, the compartment is accessible until the next scheduled medication alarm. Then the pillbox rotates so that the last dose is no longer accessible.
  • If a dose is missed , you are both phoned and emailed.
  • This is how the modem linked pill dispenser works: 1. Contact the manufacturer for a monthly service plan ($16 per month with first 2 months free). Set up the plan to call up to 3 phone numbers plus emails if medication is not taken on time. 2. Connect the modem cable to an active phone line so the modem keeps the website current on medication. compliance. 3. Access the secure website at any time to review medication compliance.
Thank you for your question. Sincerely, Barbara


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2/28/2010 8:17:27 PM #

We thought this pill box was great but what we have found now is when my mother in law thinks she should have a pill she is putting her finger in and pushing it round.
We are looking for one hopefully she cannot tamper with.
We think a thin  piece of plastic over the hole would do the trick.                   We do not want to put people off this machine as we had  stress free months and would highly recommend it.

Cathy United Kingdom