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Width of Height Extension for Pet Gate

by Barbara 1. February 2008 04:55
Q: "I need to keep a large dog out of a room. How wide is the height extension for the White Duragate Metal Pet Gate with Height Extension (SF-MG-25-TPX-W)? I know how tall it is but before I order I want to make sure of the width."

Answer: The doorway width of this Cardinal Gate is the same with or without the height extension: 26.5 to 41.5 Inches. The height extension is adjustable as is the gate. With one extension, the steel dog gate is 38 to 40 inches high. The gate height varies with mounting height from the floor (flush to 2 inches). With an additional TPX-1, add 8 inches giving a total height of 46 to 48 inches for the gate. Unless your dog can get a running start, the gate with one extension should be tall enough.

Please contact us if you need more information about this or other Cardinal Gates. This gate can be installed inside or outside on a deck or porch.

Sincerely, Barbara

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