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What does the Anemia Meter Test for?

by Barbara 15. February 2008 06:40

Q: "Does this Anemia Test also test for vitamin b12 deficiency anemia?"Liz

Answer: This test gives you a reading at home within 20 minutes of the hemoglobin level in your blood. The accuracy and reliability are over 96% when compared to lab based results. Results showed that hemoglobin concentration varied by less than 6% when the same person's blood was tested on 5 devices and less than 6% when the same sample was tested on 4 different days.

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is also called pernicious anemia. Please contact your physician if this blood tests indicates anemia. Diagnosis of pernicious anemia requires a medical history, physical exam and many more tests of the blood than just the hemoglobin level.

Thanks for the question and good luck.

Sincerely, Barbara

[Note: the Anemia Test is no longer available.  Although the product worked well, the manufacturer is no longer in business.]



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