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Keeping a Dog Out of a Carpeted Area

by Barbara 17. February 2008 17:08

Q: "Will this item, Two (2) Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarms, keep a dog out of a carpeted area of the house?"

Answer: No, this is not the best choice. Tattle Tales are best used to keep animals off sofas, counter tops, etc. And they do work well. The dog's weight on a carpeted floor is not likely to set off the alarms.

My suggestions are as follows:

  • Scat Mats: these are static charged mats. Power comes from a 9 volt battery and you can set the charge to low, medium or high. The animal dislikes the static shock. The downside: you'll feel it, too, if you are in your bare feet. (Works quite well for both my Boston Terriers. and they avoid the mats for a while even if they are turned off.)
  • Animal Away: this is an ultrasonic dog or cat repeller that works on motion. The pros: small, silent, dependable. The cons: a few dogs ignore or tolerate the sounds. I have one Boston Terrier who avoided the bathroom for days after I used one to keep her out. (She was anointing the bath rugs.) She shook for ten minutes after the first go around and there was never a second one that I was aware of. The other bolder one ignored it and came on in.
  • Stay Away by Contech: uses a motion sensor that activates a warning sound and then a brief, harmless spray of compressed air to keep your pet away.
  • Taupe or White Pet Gates: As much as gates are a nuisance at times, they do the job without noise, batteries or static. The Cardinal Gates we sell also have extensions for height and width. They are easily installed and remove from their side brackets if you have company coming.

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