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Monitoring Water Leaks in a Basement Window Well

by Barbara 18. February 2008 08:46

Q: " I need to monitor water leaks into a basement window well in a home in Illinois. Can I place the Flood Detective Stand Alone Water Alarm and additional sensors on the window shelf if the shelf is metal? And can I mount the water alarm and additional sensors on the concrete wall below the window? Also how long is the power cord? Thanks for the reply. Steve."

Answer: You can use the Flood Detective as your water leak monitor. Do put a piece of cloth, napkin or paper towel under the sensor or you will get false alarms due to the metal in the detector getting cold or the metal "sweating."

The sensors for this moisture detector "train" together, sensor to sensor, like a daisy chain. Each Flood Detective water sensor has an eight foot (2.44 meters) long flexible, low-impedance corrosion-resistant wire with a two-prong jack on one end. The jack plugs into the sensor plate receptacle. This water sensor design allows multiple sensors to be daisy-chained to a single alarm unit so you can easily place sensors where you need them for flood warnings.

In theory, there is no limit to the number of sensors that can be daisy-chained to a Flood Detective alarm unit. Five water alert sensors per alarm seems optimal in determining which sensor activated due to a water leak. Each sensor cord is 8 feet long and the adapter cord is 6 feet long. These water sensors detect water at a depth of 1/32", are wafer thin for use under carpets or small spaces and have adhesive strips to keep sensors firmly in place.

For your purpose, using the AC adapter is the best choice unless you use metal wound batteries as all batteries become less efficient or freeze in cold environments.

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