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Nausea Relief and Motion Sickness Prevention and Relief Bands, Active Stimulation of Nerve

by Barbara 18. March 2008 13:23

Question regarding the ReliefBand Motion Sickness Device, EL Reusable Model, Replaceable Batteries..

Q: "Dear safehomeproducts, Are these the new models (of Reliefbands) or the old ones? "

Answer: Reliefbands are now back with replaceable batteries!

Reliefband Technologies re-introduced this Reliefband several years ago. There are 5 levels of stimulation. Wear this FDA cleared, no-drug, safe product to prevent or to relieve nausea and vomiting from motion sickness. Wear on either wrist or wear two, if needed. Once activated, relief is usually obtained within 15 minutes or less. Although customers tell us they use Reliefbands on younger children, FDA testing was not done on children under the age of 12. Note: electrodes contain nickel and the bracelet band contains latex.

No one wants to be without this wonderful device when they are on a cruise, spending the day at an amusement park or riding in an airplane or car. We also sell conductive gel.

Thank you for your question.



10/10/2008 10:35:00 AM #

I have heard that the new "Explore" bands are not as effective as the old model. How are they differant.


8/28/2009 4:51:10 AM #

Our customers have had only praise for the units. Actually, there is no difference between the latest release of Reliefband Adventurer which we sold until the product was sold to Abbott Labs and the Relief Band Explorer except for the band. The Explorer has a nylon band with adjustment holes every 1/2 inch. We had some problems with the leather bands wearing out on the Adventurers. I personally have used the Explorer (my old original Adventurer had the double bar electrodes) and find it is more effective with the clam shell electrodes. I can set the unit on 2 instead of 3 and get the same positive results. Also I don't have double indentations in my wrist from having to have the band tight enough to get the electrodes on the proper spots.

barbara United States

10/1/2010 6:29:48 AM #

The batteries are REPLACEABLE!  DO NOT DISPOSE OF RELIEF BAND like safe-home's webpage tells you to.  Remove the rubber plug on the edge and pull out the battery tray.  Two CR-2025 Lithiums (3V) cells go plus side "down" (towards your wrist when you wear it), stacked one on top of the other with BOTH + sides "down".  Then, re-insert the tray in the slot it came out of with the "up" arrow pointed away from your wrist towards the control panel.  Relief Band lasts indefinately!  Clean the contacts AND THE SPACE BETWEEN THEM with an alcohol swab when you're done with it.  The gel down between the contacts shorts out the pulses if it builds up.

Works great, even in 18' seas on a 35' sailboat waterskiing down the waves!  It will make your MIDDLE finger tingle like it's lacking blood when it's powered right and pressing your wrist on top of the veins on the bottom.

Larry United States