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Can this Power Inverter Plug Into a 12V Outlet?

by Barbara 24. March 2008 07:10

Question regarding Vector Black and Decker 1000-Watt Power Inverter.

Q: "Can this power inverter plug into the 12V cigarette lighter outlet in my car?"

Answer: No, all 1000 watt power inverters like this model draw too much power to be plugged directly into a 12V light socket. If there was such a plug, the high wattage draw would damage your car, at the least throwing a circuit breaker and at the most causing a fire.

Most high wattage (400 watt and over) power inverters include battery cables that connect directly to the vehicle battery positive and negative poles. Some power inverters under 400 watts have two connection methods available. Those that plug only into the cigarette lighter (accessory power) socket are rated no more than 300 watts.

Larger is not necessarily better with power inverters. To decide what wattage would meet your need, remember that watts=amperes times volts. So read the instruction manual of the product you want to plug into the power inverter before you choose an inverter. You need to know what the surge power is, i.e. the amount of power the appliance will draw when you first turn it on. Then choose a unit that slightly exceeds that maximum as far as the surge power is concerned.

Remember that medical devices often need a pure sine wave output to operate properly. True sine wave inverters cost 2 to 3 times more than the more typical modified sine wave inverters.

If you need more assistance to choose a power inverter, please email us and we'll make a few suggestions. Or phone our customer service reps with your questions.




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