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Why do I need to unplug a 12V heated seat warmer?

by Barbara 26. March 2008 11:34

Question about the Wagan Heated Seat Cushion, ES-WA-9738.

Q: "My question is, why does it say to unplug when not in use, if it has an auto shut off? Do I really have to unplug it everytime I get out of the car? Thanks." Maddy

Answer: For safety reasons, manufacturers recommend that you always unplug all 12 volt devices when not in use. Some vehicles are wired so that power to shut off to 12V sockets when the engine is shut off. The automatic shut-off feature for this heated seat cushion means that once it has reached either the high or low temperature it will stop heating or shut-off. It will resume heating once it drops below the set temperature.

Unplugging is easy. Just grasp the plug and pull straight out.


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9/23/2009 5:04:32 AM #

Ok, not to disagree, and to better answer the question, one does not have to unplug it. The company states that to release them from liability in case the 'thermocouple' fails and it does not shut off the heating elements. I use thermocouple here loosely as it may use another device to sense thermal levels.

If everything works as it should, the off switch or the low limit on the seat should be good enough. I say this in reference to the most populated section of the distribution of users (user space as it may be). For example, if you live where it is very cold at night and your seat warmer only shuts off at low level (no off switch) then it may drain your battery (I don't know their kWh rating so I could tell you exactly).

Hope this helps.

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