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Can a PestChaser PC1000 get Rid of a Rat in My Wall?

by Barbara 3. April 2008 12:08
Question about the Woodstream PestChaser PC1000 for Rodent Control.

"I have a rat in my wall. Can I plug this into an outlet on this wall and will it work?"

Answer: No, if the unit were placed inside the wall, aimed at the rodent, it might repel the rat. Ultrasound is more like light rays than like audible sound waves. This means the sound cannot penetrate walls or objects. The ultrasonic sound waves project only out from the speaker which is at the front of the unit.

Rats come into homes through small openings in the foundation, where the foundation meets the siding and through attic spaces.

To discourage rats:
  • Take away their food supply: keep pet food and human food in sealed containers.
  • Destroy their homes by removing trash, old boards, weeds, etc. and store wood and building materials at least a foot off the ground.
  • Close off their holes and entryways by covering windows with screens, sealing floor drains, caulking around pipes and cables where they pass through walls, and stuffing holes with stainless steel mess.
If you own your home, have done the above steps and you find evidence that the rats are in your attic, consider an Evictor strobe light repeller . We have had only positive comments about the effectiveness of this unit for squirrels, rats and other varmints in attics when the unit/units are correctly installed.

Thanks for your question.


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