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How Can I Keep Sparrows Out of My Horse Barn?

by Barbara 22. April 2008 12:07

Question about Bird Repellers:

Q: "I had a question about bird repellers. I need something for my horse barn to keep sparrows out, but there are cats, dogs and horses out there. Would your electronic device be safe for them? Please answer my email asap, as the birds are making a big mess out there". Thanks, Pat

Answer: Safe Home sells several electric bird repeller units with prices ranging from under $100, the P3 International Passive InfraRed Sonic Bird Repeller to units that include a combination sonic and ultrasonic repeller with 4 speakers plus visual scare devices, the BroadBand Pro for under $1000 to "industrial strength" units for over $1500. We also sell visual scare devices, roost inhibitors and bird spikes. Some electronic bird repellers are sonic only, some are ultrasonic only and some feature both auditory and silent sounds.
My suggestion is to begin with visual scare devices and perhaps one sonic bird repeller unit. You could begin with the visual scare and add the sonic repeller later if you are concerned about the noise. Without seeing your barn, more accurate suggestions are difficult to make. Several years ago, a dairy farmer in Idaho bought Irritape and a 4 speaker Super BirdXpeller I from us at the suggestion of a neighboring farmer. Your situation may require something like this if the easier, less expensive methods don't work. (He said the cows were more bothered by the birds and the bird poop than by the noises.)
I suggest that you install the Terror Eyes orange balls on springs outside all openings to your barn. That would mean on either side of your main door and near all open windows. If your barn has openings at the eaves for ventilation, I suggest you install mesh screening to keep the birds out. A Prowler Owl in your barn would add to protection. If your barn permits installation and you have good cross ventilation, adding Irritape inside or outside on trees near to the barn to keep the birds away. The Irritape makes noises as it moves in the wind and the changing patterns scare off birds, too.
All nests must be removed. To keep birds from nesting or roosting on the beams, you can install netting, use a sprayer and spray Bird Proof Liquid or install bird spikes. Bird spikes are definitely the most expensive way to go in terms of time spent installing and money. Inside the bird proof is probably the easiest. Birds don't like sticky feet. And without weather to effect it, the bird proof should be effective for years.
The Bird-X BirdXpeller Pro 1 is a proven winner in bird control of sparrows, etc. That and the unit by P3 International, the motion sensor activated BirdChaser are your best choices for a smaller barn. I suggest you use a timer so that the units activate when the horses, etc. are out for the day.
Ultrasonic units work well to keep birds out once you've gotten the situation under control with the other units. The problem with ultrasound is that it is like light beams, the sound bounces off hard surfaces and is absorbed by soft surfaces plus the units must be installed high off the ground so that birds can fly under the sound waves and not be effected. Ultrasonic repellers mounted low will drive your cats and dogs nuts.
Please contact us with your barn dimensions and we'll help you choose what you need.


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