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Can Super Bark Free Be Activated Manually?

by Barbara 28. April 2008 06:30

Question about the Super Bark Free ES-PET-PC16

Q: "Can the Super Bark Free be activated manually without the dog barking? Our neighbor's dog charges me at the lot line. I's like to discourage this activity." - Larry.

Answer: The Super Bark Free has a test button but is not made to be activated manually. The Super Bark Free is heavy, operating off 4 D cells.

What we suggest is an ultrasonic dog corrector like the Dazer , Pet Agree or Dog Off. Each weighs only a few ounces. The Dazer and the Pet Agree are essentially the same except for the color and the name. According to the manufacturer, in some countries only the Pet Agree is sold as the word "dazer" connotes cruelty. Both generate an ultrasonic sound which dogs dislike. The Dazer and Pet Agree are powered from a 9 volt battery and feature a belt clip. Our UPS delivery man uses one as do joggers, etc.

The Dog Off Pro, also powered by a 9 volt battery, features a flashlight, 120dB audible emergency personal alarm. belt clip and ultrasonic sound generator for dog correction.

We stock all three and can ship same or the next business day.

Thanks for your question.



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