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Can I Use the Cat Stop to Keep Cats Off My Car?

by Barbara 5. May 2008 07:08

Question about the Catstop Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Device.

Q:"Can the Cat Stop P7810 be used as an overhead device to chase/keep cats off my car? I have a Firebird and park it under a carport that is about 8 ft tall. Please advise. Thanks. Fred"

Answer: The Contech P7810 mounted overhead as long as it is pointed down toward the car. Another option is to mount it in front of the car at hood height. You might have to re-position it a time or two to see what works best, but it should be effective.

Directions for Use:
Place the Cat Stop facing the area you want to protect. An animal entering the area sets off the built-in motion sensor. The ultrasonic alarm is from 21-25 kHz. Humans hear sounds between 2 kHz and 20 kHz so this rarely disturbs people. Note: Most dogs hear at frequencies between 40 kHz to 100kHz.

Thanks for your question and hope this works wells for you.



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