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Can I Buy 3 FloodChek Washer Hoses?

by Barbara 14. May 2008 11:50

Question about Floodchek Washer Hoses ?

Question: "Can I order Three Floodchek washer hoses (that is a pair and a half?) I have a dryer that uses steam (cold water connection) so need one extra hose. Thanks. BA"

Answer: Yes, we are now splitting pairs and selling single hoses.  The hose color of the third hose may be red or blue depending upon current inventory. Other than the color, the hoses are identical. If you buy two pairs, the left over hose would work well to connect to a dehumidifier or to do that necessary annual drain of your hot water heater to get rid of the sediment.

We also have FloodChek 7 Ft Washing Machine Hoses, One Pair. We recommend that you also purchase Brass Swivel Gooseneck Hose Connectors, .75 In., TWO if you don't have much room between the washer and the wall. You may need two pairs if the wall is really close. These are needed because the Floodchek hoses are so heavy duty that they have little bend to them. The other advantages are the heavy brass couplings and the five layer construction.

Each Floodchek hose has these five layers:

  • traditional rubber tube
  • 1st layer of 23# braided rayon reinforcement
  • 2nd layer of 23# braided rayon reinforcement
  • a .012"-gauge rubber jacket
  • a .063"-gauge rubber cover.

This part of the Floodchek hose creation story, paraphrased.

In 1989 a burst washing machine hose occurred on the 34th floor of a 40 story luxury condominium in Hawaii.  The water flowed undetected from late night onto morning. An earlier riser (5:30 a.m.) got out of bed putting his feet onto a soaked carpet and called the manager. The damage was more than $200,000 to a total of 20 apartments. That is when Steve, the manager, began to work on a rupture proof washer hose. There were 400 apartments each with a washer and dryer. The result several years later was the Floodchek, which uses industrial grade hose with several layers and the highest quality machined brass couplings available.

These hoses are not inexpensive: these hoses are guaranteed for 20 years' service on the machines on which they are installed. Using them means your only risk is a leak from the machine itself. Let's be real: no one I know turns off the hot and cold water lines to their washing machines after every use! We do suggest that you also install either a local water alarm such as the The Gizmode Water Alarm, the Water Screamer Stand Alone Water Alarm, 130 dB Alarm or Flood Detective water alarm or a Washing Machine FloodStop FS3/4H-90 that includes one sensor or can use many chained together to alert you with an alarm and water shut off if your washer itself leaks.