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Keeping Feral Cats Out of Window Boxes and Yards

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:57

Question about products to keep feral cats out of my yard and flower window boxes.

Q:"I live in Washington D. C. where feral cats are not only protected but indulged by my neighbor who is viewed as a hero for feeding them. Not only does he feed them at his house but he trespasses on other properties to leave food. The rats are attracted to the food, too. I've even seen the cats and rats playing together! I've complained to the city but no one will take action. What choices do I have to keep the cats out of my yard? The amount of feces left by them is incredible. I have a 7 foot wooden fence around my back yard and thought about bird spikes because I think the cats would back off if they felt the spikes. I have dogs that go out into the yard and a cat who is always inside.

Answer: Upon some research, I learned that bird spikes make an excellent barrier for climbing animals such as cats, raccoons and even snakes. The spikes would have to be put on top and on your side of the fence however unless your property line is beyond the fence line.

I have a supplier for wide stainless steel spikes and am working on another supplier who has actual animal barrier spikes. This is not an inexpensive choice but you shared that you are willing to spend quite a bit to eliminate this problem.

My customer service staff reports that the bird gel is another deterrent you might use on the top of your fence or as a second line of defense around your plant boxes.

The Cat Stop and the Water Scarecrow are both effective in getting rid of pest animals. The CatStop frequencies are inaudible to humans and dogs. The WaterScarecrow would shower the cats with just enough water to have them remember to leave your home alone.

You may also consider trapping the cats and taking them to your local animal shelter.The Havahart Stray Cat Rescue Cage Trap Kit has become a popular product this past year. The local shelter decides if the cat is feral or not and then either destroys the cat or puts it up for adoption after spaying or neutering.

Please report back on your results.


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