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Using A Tattle Tale Alarm for a Peeing Cat

by Barbara 19. May 2008 08:30

Question about the Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarm.

Q:"I am trying to keep a cat from walking to the edge of a rug and peeing on the hard floor. The pee is soaking into the rug. Is this product sensitive enough to feel the vibration of a cat walking on a rug?" - Jean

Answer: "The Tattletale device is activated only by vibration. The cat walking on a carpet is unlikely to set off the alarm as the carpet is tightly stretched and won't move much and the cat is not very heavy.

We suggest you purchase a Scat Mat. These are plastic mats with thin wires embedded in the plastic. When powered by a 9 volt battery or AC power, the mat develops a static charge. You can choose a low, medium or high level of static. When an animal walks on it, there is a "shock" from the static charge like when you get a shock from walking across a carpet with nylons and then touch a wall or a person.

My suggestion is to purchase one of the large scat mats and up to 2 large extension mats to increase the length of the scat mat coverage. Each large mat is 48 inches to adding two more mats increases the protected distance to 12 feet. If you are concerned about the cat jumping over the 20 inch width, you can place the mats side by side to protect 60 to 66 inches in width and 48 inches in width.

Another suggestion, more urgent, is to have the cat checked by a veterinarian. My cat owning friends tell me it is rare for a cat to pee anywhere but in a litter box unless the cat has a urinary tract infection, has not been neutered, has a dirty litter box or has no access to the litter box. My friend's daughter was keeping his neutered male Siamese for him along with her two cats. After two months' time, she complained about the cat pooping in her baby's room. When he stopped to pick up his cat, he saw litter boxes that were very dirty. He recently bought an automatic kitty litter box and is very pleased with the reduction in odor and in box cleaning.

Good luck. Let us know what yours results were.


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